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BEETHEFIRST is a professional, easy to use and portable 3D printer
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Post by jupidu » 27 Apr 2020, 10:48

Hello my dears,
I have a BEETHEFIRST and used to be able to generate a gcode with curasoftware and print it. now I have a new computer and BEETHEFIRST reinstalled. with the new software from Cura I can't get it to print. the print head always moves out of the print bed. I can not set cura correctly because the picture description of beeverycreative only shows the old cura version. Can someone help me please.

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Re: curasoftware

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 29 Sep 2020, 16:37

Hello Jupidu,

Please make sure you set the printer settings when adding a printer as follows:

As for the print settings the default cura printing profiles should work as a basis, but you need to change the retraction from the default 6.5mm to 1mm

Best regards
Domingos Rodrigues

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