Antonella Sgambati

Antonella Sgambati

Project Manager, OHB System

The importance of 3D printing on your day-to-day job?

The main advantage of implementing 3D printing in the projects’ design and development is mainly linked to the possibility of an early proof of concept and risk mitigation on the final product delivery.

The importance of 3D printing on space exploration?

One of the most critical points in space exploration beyond Low Earth Orbit is the provision of systems that ensure the long-term survival of both crew and technological assets in the harsh space environment. The key to any sustainable presence in space is the ability to manufacture necessary structures, spares, in situ and on demand reducing the cost, volume, and up-mass constraints that could prohibit launching everything needed for long-duration or long distance missions from Earth. Additive Manufacturing (AM) has the potential to provide a number of sustainability advantages.

How is it working with BEEVERYCREATIVE?

Since 2015 we are coopering with BEEVC to develop a FFF machine to be used for in-situ manufacturing in space. The team is really proactive and solutions oriented to overcome projects’ challenges. I am really glad to work with such competent colleagues and integrate the different background of space and commercial companies. We are looking forward to seeing the 3D printing system working beyond our planet!

Miguel Passos

Responsible for the project “Eu construo”
Alcobaça’s Municipal Library

3D printing in libraries

The Alcobaça Library decided to use 3D printing in an educational matter. As we developed our skills for this technology, we started creating projects such as printing themed based objects for Halloween or Christmas, decoration items, bookmarks and other things we use here in the library. We have a project that allows people to come to the library with their files or ideas and we design and print the file. In the end, the person takes the object for free. We also have workshops for 10th and 11th year students, in order to show the possibilities of 3D design and printing.

Digital transition. New services

Nowadays a library is not just a means of only providing books. In this way, one of the goals of the Alcobaça library has been fighting against digital illiteracy. We provide the users with computers and tablets with internet access and all rooms have wi-fi. We also have training courses to teach you how to create an email and how to use social networks safely. We also try to appeal to a young audience by having apps available such as PressReader, which allows users to access to 7000 books and magazines in several languages, either by phone, tablet or PC.

BEEVERYCREATIVE’s role in the introduction of 3D printing in the Alcobaça library

As a public institution, we have budgets to meet and we try to have a good price-quality ratio. In addition, in our case, after-sales assistance is very important. If we are in the middle of a project and, for example, we come to a damaged part, the great thing that you offer is that we just need to call you to solve the situation. BEEVERYCREATIVE always tries to speed up the process and quickly as possible and facilitates processes. In addition, they also value our feedback as users about the printers, in order to help in the continuous improvement of the equipment.

Miguel Passos
Marcelo Penas

Marcelo Penas

Product Owner
Critical TechWorks

How was it working in BEEEVERYCREATIVE?

It was a huge challenge and an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to follow the entire process, from the development of the first 3D printer (BEETHEFIRST) to the industrialization period. At the time I was leaving university and it appeared to be a unique opportunity. The company was growing very fast and we had to quickly organize all the processes.

How is 3D printing used for in everyday job?

I used 3D printing on a daily basis, for 3 years after leaving BEEVERYCREATIVE, to develop new products. I was working on the development of mobile robots and equipment aimed to carry 25 kg to 50 kg, and they were prototyped only using 3D printers for printing technical parts, electronic boxes, strucutures, fixtures etc. and a wood cutting machine for larger structural parts.

What is the big advantage of 3D printing?

3D printing allowed us to produce prototypes internally in just 2 weeks. If we had to go to external entities, we would need at least 3 different suppliers and 6 to 8 weeks timeline to produce the exact same prototype.

This allowed us to bring the development strategies closer to Agile methods, used more frequently in software development. 3D printing allows us to fail fast: test, get feedback and improve.

Hélio Jorge

R&D Project Technical Manager
Centro Tecnológico da Cerâmica e do Vidro (Technological Centre of Ceramics and Glass)

How important is 3D printing in CTCV projects?

CTCV started using 3D printing in 2005 and the goal was to incorporate this kind of technology internally, develop and demonstrate it to the business community in the ceramics industry. And this mission still remains today. After going through a technological maturation for prototyping solutions, we are today in an emerging phase of technology development for printing products on ceramic materials (additive manufacturing). We are strongly committed to new technology demonstration projects, as well as research and development projects for and with companies. In addition to this, we can provide 3D printing services (prototyping and manufacturing) to customers who do not have internal resources for this area.

We want to go along with the companies on their journey to the future!


How has the partnership with BEEVERYCREATIVE been going?

CTCV started collaborating with BEEVERYCREATIVE in 2016 in special development projects, both in technology for professional use (BEE2B project) and in materials for printing and sintering (3D.Carbide). These projects are very dear to us, because we believe that we embraced them at the right time and that we are contributing to the development of technologies at an international level. We are enjoying collaborating with BEEVERYCREATIVE, as it is a dynamic company, open to new challenges, and, above all, very competent, professional and with a very deep know-how in 3D printing technologies / additive manufacturing. We are proud to partner with companies as innovative as BEE.

Hélio Jorge
Artur Coelho

Artur Coelho

Coordinator of the Technological Education Plan
Venda do Pinheiro Schools Group

How important is 3D printing in education?

I don’t think the importance of 3D printing in education can be measured in short-term. It’s very exciting when the printers arrive at school, and it becomes possible to enhance learning in several areas, making tangible what is initially immaterial, complex or difficult to access. This will allow students to have new possibilities to create content. This is important, of course, it means that this technology has an enormous educational potential that is already being used by teachers and educators. However, whenever I see the look of a child holding for the first time an object that he modeled and printed, in a very fascinated and proud way, I think: “when this child grows up, what can he achieve, now that he began using 3D printing at such an early age?” I don’t know the answer, there are many variables in life and in the future. But I know that the opportunity to use the additive manufacturing technologies from an early age will open new horizons for students who, today, discover that they can make their ideas tangible in thermoplastic filament, touching what they imagined. I believe that the importance of 3D printing lies in this idea of opening new futures.

This is the message I usually share in the trainings and workshops I do. To educate is to plant seeds in the long-term, and not just stay with initial enthusiasms. Right now, at the school where I teach, 3D printing has become a standard technology, which, beyond the initial fascination, is a tool available to everyone, students and teachers, who need to make their ideas and projects tangible, either in TIC lessons, or in the mini makerspace that we implemented in the school library space.

Two short stories: In the first lockdown, 3D printers at our school’s service became an element of community effort. Like many other schools, we collaborated on printing protective equipment. The most interesting thing about this was the way this gave our local community a way to help, on days of helplessness and discouragement. There were multiple donations of material for protective equipment that we could not print, such as rubber bands. Being united, we helped a little. In the second lockdown, our 3D printers were used as an element of motivation and hope. Closed at home, more than 200 students were challenged to create in 3D, using TIC learning with a stimulus to creativity. On their way back to school, most of these boys and girls had their project, printed, waiting for them. Yes, it was a lot of filament and non-stop printing days, and an extra motivation for the 5th graders.

How is the collaboration with BEEVERYCREATIVE been going?

The simplicity of the technological 3D printing solutions developed by BEEVERYCREATIVE was decisive in speeding up 3D printing in my educational areas. Designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, their printers put an end to the idea of technological complexity, so typical of the DIY aspects of these technologies. They simplify the perception of technological complexity, making this technology more accessible. Many of us don’t have to be, or want to be, hardware-focused. For those who prefer to focus their efforts on design, conception or aesthetics, the type of solution you develop allows you to focus on what is important to them.

Adding to this, BEEVERYCREATIVE’s customer support is easily available, always ready to help when things go wrong, following and solving problems in a professional and dedicated way.

Ugo Lafont

Space Materials & Technology Specialist
ESA – European Space Agency

The importance of 3D printing on your day-to-day job?

As an agency we do not use 3D printing on a day to day basis, however, we are equipped with 3D printers that we mainly use for R&D to understand its added value for in-space manufactuirng.

We use it as well for on demand manufacturing of small items/tools that help us to improve flexibility and lead for very specific hardware manufacturing

The importance of 3D printing on space exploration?

3D printing and AM in general is a real game changer for space industries. For space exploration, 3D printers are a key element among other technologies that will have a strong impact on the implementation of new type of maintenance strategy, decrease dependance on earth and enable out-of-earth manufacturing capabilities.

How is it working with BEEVERYCREATIVE?

My experience working with BVC was very pleasant, the team is very responsive, pro-active and perform very well with an excellent customer oriented state of mind. It was a pleasure to see how they embrace challenges and find excellent engineering solution taking into account the specificity and needs of space related applications.

Ugo Lafont
Carlos Alves

Carlos Alves

Founder and administrator
HFA – Henrique Fernando e Alves. SA

How important is 3D Printing for your daily activity?

HFA uses 3D printing daily for prototyping, producing jigs and tools for production optimization.

What is your opinion on the importance of 3D Printing for the development of the manufacturing industry?

3D printing in industry allows us to have greater flexibility and speed, at low costs.

Tell us what it’s like for you to work with BEEVERYCREATIVE.

It is as if BEEVERYCREATIVE were an integral part of HFA. The help is mutual and continuous as for developing new solutions.

Pedro Pombo

Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva of Aveiro

How important is 3D printing in your daily activities?

Having 3D printing in the everyday activities of science communication has allowed us to create solutions for educational content and programs, as well as to develop proofs of concept for projects of Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva de Aveiro.

What is your opinion about the importance of 3D Printing for the advancement of science and education?

3D printing has proved to be very important to develop science, creating customizable solutions and the having the potential to materialize ideas and models involved in laboratory work that validate new laws of science.

Regarding education, 3D printing has opened up a whole new area of action and intervention, both for teachers, as a tool to create content and new educational devices, and for students, as a working resource that allows them to innovate and develop STEAM skills.

Tell us what it’s like for you to work with BEEVERYCREATIVE.

The Dóing maker space at the Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva in Aveiro has several BEEVERYCREATIVE printers (BEETHEFIRST, BEEINSCHOOL, BEETHEFIRST+ and B2X300) because they’re reliable, are easy to use (user friendly) and have print quality. These printers have customized software that allows anyone to work, design and print. These unique features were decisive to include BEE printers in the 44 Tech Labs in Aveiro schools, that were part of the Tech City initiative and the Aveiro STEAM City project.

The partnership with BEEVERYCREATIVE has been very valuable and was strengthened by the professionalism and excellent after-sales services, turning this partnership into a friendship and enabling us to search for new challenges and co-creation projects. BEEVERYCREATIVE clearly understands our “Maker in Schools” concept and, besides being a partner in 3D printing, they also collaborate in developing solutions and streamlining training for teachers, technicians and other areas involved in STEAM or science communication. Without a doubt, having BEEVERYCREATIVE as a partner was an assertive and very important decision for the work developed by the Factory.

Pedro Pombo
Alexandra Marques

Alexandra Marques

Principal Investigator
I3Bs – Research Institute on Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics of University of Minho

How important is 3D Printing in your daily activities?

3D printing, and particularly bioprinting, is the base technology of one of the main research projects that we have happening now, which aims to create and maintain in the laboratory 3D living models of a tissue – skin – that also show properties of some skin diseases and that we can use to test new therapies.

What is your opinion on the importance of 3D Printing for the advancement of science, especially regarding Bioscience?

Bioprinting has revolutionized the way we think about tissue engineering – creation of tissues in the laboratory – because it gives us the chance to recreate these tissues on a micro scale, maximizing the representation of its natural complexity, which is fundamental to its function.

Tell us what it’s like for you to work with BEEVERYCREATIVE.

There’s been multidisciplinarity, complementarities and continuous communication between our team and BEE, which has been the key to this partnership. The result – a 3D printer customized to our needs and those of the tissue engineering area – is visible on our laboratory workbench.

J. Martinho M. Oliveira

Director of ESAN
University of Aveiro

How important is 3D Printing in your day-to-day activities?

3D printing is part of my life! As a teacher and researcher, it’s very difficult to go a day without talking about 3D printing. I also do it with companies, making them aware of these techniques, their potential, opportunities, etc.

What is your perspective on the importance of 3D Printing for the advancement of science and industry?

The importance of 3D printing is growing and will continue to do so. New software and equipment, artificial intelligence, development of integrated systems for additive manufacturing, among others, are solutions under development that will make it possible to overcome some of the biggest constraints that this type of technologies presents today, designing them for the industry and science of the future.

Tell us what it’s like for you to work with BEEVERYCREATIVE.

As part of the development of new material solutions for 3D printing, I have had the pleasure of working with BEEVERYCREATIVE. In order to have quality 3D products, it is very important to have 3D equipment, in this case, by fused filament (FFF), suitable for the materials we develop. BEEVERYCREATIVE has been an invaluable partner, with a huge openness to participate in innovative projects, launching innovative challenges itself. Here’s to 10 more years of innovation, creativity, growth, success, partnerships. A special greeting to the entire BEEVERYCREATIVE

J. Martinho M. Oliveira