Direct drive upgrade?

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Direct drive upgrade?

Post by Sandoz » 26 Aug 2019, 17:26

Had anybody converted their B2x300 to direct drive? How were your results? Do you have a mount you used or designed? Seems like direct drive would be a good upgrade for this printer

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Re: Direct drive upgrade?

Post by _estima_ » 27 Aug 2019, 09:35

why you need direct drive ?

this printer works very good in an lot of materials , ithink no need direct drive :D


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Re: Direct drive upgrade?

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 27 Aug 2019, 12:15

Hi Sandoz,

Personally I haven't intalled a direct driver on the printer as I felt no need to do so. As _estima_ mentioned the printer is capable of even printing TPU if you print the adapter that beeverycreative can provide you.

Using a direct driver would reduce the X axis print size and/or reduce the printer o single extruder. You would also need to change the printers firmware in order for it to know the new X axis size in order to have a correct origin point as so that the autocalibration module distributes the mesh evenly throughout the bed. As the printer uses compensation for springiness of the filament the bowden tube you would need to recalibrate is as well in order to achieve such a finish as the original setup can provide.

That said you could relatively easily install a E3D titan aero extruder using some 3D printed adapters, replacing the extruder heatsink, nozzles and blower.

Best regards

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