BEESOFT 4.0.8 - new release

BEESOFT is the software that controls your BEETHEFIRST and BEEINSCHOOL line of 3D printers
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BEESOFT 4.0.8 - new release

Post by srodrigues » 06 Jun 2019, 14:51

Hello everybody!

We have a new release for BEESOFT: v4.0.8. Don't forget to upgrade to get the latest features. The page where you can find the dowload link of BEESOFT 4.0.8 for your operative system is:

The change log of the version 4.0.8 is:

- Upgrade cura engine to 3.4.1;
- Add new filament profiles, and fix the order of the overrides in the profiles;
- Fix the bug of slicing, on the command for calling curaX 3.4.1 @Linux/MacOS;
- Update a *.json file: materials diameter set up to '1.75mm', and no 'machine_nozzle_size' definition;
- Add distinct sarge commands for Windows vs Mac/Linux;
- Spelling correction: 'push the filament' -> 'pull the filament';
- Change the method of the time estimator to use the curaX estimative;
- Update firmware to version 10.5.51;
- Fix the height of the BEESOFT window to fit in a standard screen, on Linux;
- Fix the updates, and other unnecessary warnings.

- Reworked block fan actuation and R2C2 fan control;
- Main temperature loop now only runs twice a second (vs several thousands of calls on normal mode);
- Reworked Extruder and Block ADC to temperature conversion;
- Reworked Temp_Tick and PID cycle;
- Reworked R2C2 ADC to temperature conversion;
- ADC refactor;
- Extruder fan starts at a achievable speed;
- Improvements to PID to avoid overshoot due to excessive iterm accumulation;
- PID factors can be changed using M130 P(Kp) I(Ki) D(Kd);
- Removed startup delay for better beesoft 4 connection;
- Improved planner settings to match printers mechanics;
- Corrected BTF serial temperature to work with latest beesoft;
- Homing now executes on all 3 axis at once, improved homing accuracy on Z (lower speed);
- Reduced block buffer size to match chip memory, solves random resets and Z axis lift;
- Correction to blower fan control;
- Corrected Y axis home position;
- Extruder fan no longer uses config block data, solves some issues with block overheating;
- Added M118 for Serial number storage on firmware mode.

If you want to give us your feedback you are welcome.

Happy printing!

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