Manual extrusion

This new DIY 3D printer kit is a result of a vast market research and hours of development and engineering. It is an open source project, which means this is a versatile product that you can build upon and make it your own.
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Manual extrusion

Post by Mic_Hazelburn » 09 Jan 2020, 10:36


I have a small wish: If I want to change the filament manually, why are the X / Y / Z points approached?
What is the background?

I find it very good that the printer moves to a certain height with the Z axis and the hot end heats, but why before that, zeroing?
I don't need zeroing at that moment.

I don't care whether the print bed is at the right height or the axes are at the right level.

My suggestion would be to change that with the next update. The Z axis should move up to maybe 15cm height, heat the hot end and not move the X or Y axes. In my opinion, this is unnecessary.
How do you like my idea?

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