Firmware Release: B2X300-20190517

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Firmware Release: B2X300-20190517

Post by srodrigues » 17 May 2019, 18:27

Hi everyone,

There is a new stable release of the firmware for your B2X300, please upgrade to get the latest features and bug fixes.
We recommend you use the B2X300 Firmware Update tool which you can download here: ... re_Updater
Alternatively, you can update the firmware using Cura, as described in: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1595
- Improved force screen update, and removed unnecessary variable
- Implemented specific BEEVC EEPROM access to improve readability and address consistency
- Power restore only works if there is no Self-test wizard set for launch and if bed temperature is within expected limits
- Solved "Home Z first" messages on LCD
- Implemented Serial Number system
- Implemented Serial number Gcode "M800"
- SN can now be viewed on "About" screen
- Bed PWM can now be viewer on "About" screen
- Improvement to manual extrusion
- Improves LCD reactivity in SD card list and durint print
- Corrections to Serial debug on EEPROM and sensorless homing
- Improved sensorless homing autocalibration gcode "M918 A" for much faster calibration and higher stability
- Improvements to Trinamic status gcode "M122" debug messages
- Corrected erroneous step reset for E2
- Corrected X and Y sensorless homing EEPROM load and reset
- Reserved space on EEPROM for future features
- Updated Bed PWM for new bed PCB
- Status screen fan speed is now mapped to correct percentage as requested
- Corrected bug that caused printer with invalid SN to bootloop
- Severe reduction of size of LCD screens for Serial setup and Self test wizard
- About screen now does trinamic stepper driver test
- Updated Hotbed PID for latest PCB revision
- Corrected self test wizard screens
- Further improvements to sensorless homing code
- Corrected operation of Self-test sensorless homing calibration
- Various bugfixes and improvements

- LCD screen will no longer get unreactive, allowing adjustments and monitoring of temperatures during print
- LCD updates faster and its menus are more reactive
- The printer will now store its Serial Number to allow automatic configuration of settings to best fit your specific machine
- Sensorless homing now has a better consistency for detection force and its calibration is more precise, resulting in less noises during homing and improving powerloss recovery XY precision.
Thanks to our clients for the feedback that allowed the new features to be implemented.
If you have suggestions or happen to find a bug on this firmware version, please comment below so we can start to work on it right away.

Happy printing! :D

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