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Post by Sandoz » 28 Aug 2019, 19:12

So.. I'm confused with the stats of the b2x300 and octopi or beewebpi. Looks like beewebpi was abandoned. Does the b2x300 work with octoprint? With I just end up using cards for loading files. Looking for information.

(I just finished building my b2x300 yesterday and I'm blown away with how fantastic this printers quality is right from print #1.)

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Re: Octopi

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 02 Sep 2019, 11:20

Hello Sandoz,

Beewebpi was intended to be used with BEETHEFIRST series printers, like the BEETHEFIRST, BEETHEFIRST+ and BEEINSCHOOL, it is not compatible with the B2X300.

Default octoprint can be used with the B2X300 but I would recommend against it as it slightly lowers the maximum print quality the printer can provide as the USB connection can sometimes lag behind the print the is being executed on the printer causing it to stutter a reducing the precision of the bowden tube compensation the printer uses. Also it disables power loss detection as it relies on the SDcard being used to know the location where to resume the print.

If you insist on using octoprint I would recommend using it to transfer the gcode to the printer's SD card and then start the print this will have the added bonus of allowing monitoring and maintaining the printer working as well as possible :)

Best regards

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