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by Tizz
23 Jan 2016, 03:22
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: [SOLVED] axis accuracy
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Re: axis accuracy

Thanks for the share Halford.
by Tizz
23 Jan 2016, 03:18
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: [SOLVED] New hot end needed
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Re: New hot end needed

Hey jsilver, Just a tip with your blocked nozzle I perform myself. Unscrew it and place it over your stove with open flame and melt the filament thats blocking the nozzle. Use a long nose pair of plyers to hold the nozzle. Grab a paper clip and heat the end up and clean/lightly scrape around the ins...
by Tizz
06 Jan 2016, 11:51
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: [SOLVED] Assembly problem - Wrong metal part ?
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Re: Assembly problem - Wrong metal part ?

Hi Daniel, I've just had a quick look at mine and they both should not be the same. Looks like you have two for the right side extruder. I would contact your supplier and get this rectified or contact the Beecreative team to have the left side sent to you. Otherwise, I believe you can print one out ...
by Tizz
06 Jan 2016, 11:39
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: [SOLVED] The extruder motor won't move
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Re: Can't get it work

Hi Josue,

If you can post up some pictures we all would get a clearer idea and help you with your issue.

by Tizz
06 Jan 2016, 11:36
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: [SOLVED] Extruders height and Errors
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Re: Extruders height and Errors

Hi Josue,

Can you take some pictures of your extruder and printer and put them up. We will get a better idea of your printer to help you out.

by Tizz
06 Jan 2016, 11:32
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: [SOLVED] Using Canola Oil
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Re: Using Canola Oil

I haven't noticed any smell with mine. (Canola Oil too), might try a little bit of olive oil for some aroma! :D

The Canola Oil works really well tho! :)
by Tizz
13 Dec 2015, 06:58
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: [COMMUNITY] HBP Blower (slight) Modification
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[COMMUNITY] HBP Blower (slight) Modification

Just wanted to share this with all you HBPrusa users. My left blower part has warped due to the temperature and many hours of continuous printing. I slightly modified the original blower design so it can be raised by a few mm's as the warp was catching on to some areas of the printed part. I extende...
by Tizz
13 Dec 2015, 06:01
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: [COMMUNITY] Prints from our HBP's
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Re: Prints from our HBP's

Great Topic Dneves! Also great to see the things all others are printing. I haven't touched my printer in the last 3 weeks but yesterday was a good day for it. Part: Filament stand (Added 4x bearings a printed two width sizes to suit BeePLA reel and 1kg Reel) Mat: PLA Res: 0.2mm Design: http://www.t...
by Tizz
22 Nov 2015, 02:48
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: Pause in Cura
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Re: Pause in Cura

You can pause your print, if you understand GCode you are able to insert a line 'somwhere' in the middle of your print. But locating the exact spot you want to pause is the question. When you output your sliced gcode program from Cura or Slic3r you can open this file in notepad. This will show you t...
by Tizz
20 Nov 2015, 03:55
Topic: Hello
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Re: Hello

Hey Scott,
Welcome to the forum!