BEEVERYCREATIVE produces and sells 3D printers and develops innovative projects tailored to the needs of each client. “Although we are a relatively small team, we have nine years of intense work, are creative and have an enormous capacity of adaptation”, defends Paulo Casimiro, the company’s Marketing and Commercial Director.
BEEVERYCREATIVE pioneered the launch of a portable 3D printer in 2013, with an appealing and easy-to-use design, aimed at semi-professional and home users. “The model was distinguished with several awards, which boosted the internationalization of the brand and encouraged us to continue to develop innovative solutions”, highlights Paulo Casimiro, explaining that the company has invested in the education market, providing an integrated solution where, in addition to 3D printers, offers a curriculum and workshops to equip teachers and students with knowledge about 3D modeling and printing.


One of the main areas of business are innovation projects for industry, research laboratories and technology centers. Among them, the 3D printer capable of reproducing parts with unlimited dimensions, in a microgravity environment, developed for the European Space Agency, stands out. For 3B’s, from the University of Minho, a bio printer was created dedicated to regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. “We are patenting the process that allows cells to survive printing”, reveals the director. It also highlights the partnership with CTCV, Durit and the University of Aveiro, where BEEVERYCREATIVE is developing a printer that prints tungsten carbide in the form of filament.

Original Article: Trustinnews
Publication: Trustinnews