After the recognition achieved in the first project developed for the European Space Agency (ESA), BEEVERYCREATIVE joins a new consortium to develop and manufacture a 3D printer for the International Space Station, capable of using engineering polymers and overcoming the limitations of print volume.

In the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, they created a Bio Printer for UMinho’s I3B’s, which allows cells to survive printing.


Moldes e Plásticos 2021

In several operations co-financed by Centro2020 (PT2020/FEDER), BEEVERYCREATIVE has developed innovative additive manufacturing projects. These solutions, tailored projects with strategic partners in the scientific area (IPLeiria, UAveiro or UCoimbra) and industry (LCRPerfis, Plastimago, Vangest or Durit), include the creation of new materials for 3D printing. Of note, within the scope of the circular economy, is the development of a solution for the reuse and recovery of waste from the tanning industry and another for thermoplastic filament with metals from waste from subtractive processes. It is also working on the world’s first solution for printing carbide in filament form.

Also within the scope of Centro2020, they developed a 3D printer designed to respond to the challenges of industry 4.0, which incorporates technology previously developed for ESA which prints continuously, without human intervention.

In order to best respond to market needs, this pioneering additive manufacturing company in Portugal combines knowledge and innovation with the offer of its own commercial models, as well as being a Flashforge distributor, with a varied range, which responds to the challenges of each activity.

Publication: Região de Leiria