On April 27th, we were invited to be at an event, organized by Exame Informática, one of the most important and trusted Portuguese Magazines for Tech Product news and reviews.

We should mention that the week before, BEEVERYCREATIVE was invited to be at an event organized by a Portuguese Government entity. There, we were surprised to be awarded with the “Empresa Gazela 2015” award, roughly translated to “Gazelle Company 2015”. This award is given to fledgling companies with high growth rates.

Prémios Exame Informática 2015
Empresas Gazela 2015

Anyway, back to the annual Exame Informática Awards ceremony, which singles out the previous year’s most noteworthy technological products and companies. Many big tech names came out, for the many categories such as Innovation, Product of The Year, and so on. Some of the brands were Samsung, Sony, DJI, Critical Software, but one category in particular was very special to us: the Portuguese Brands of The Year.

In this category, they chose three brands to be brands of the year: Uniplaces, a global startup for student accommodation; JP Sá Couto, distinguished for its ability to adapt to new markets and a reference in the field of education; and … BEEVERYCREATIVE! Our second award in two weeks!

Exame Informática had already awarded us in 2013, more specifically, they distinguished our BEETHEFIRST 3D printer as “Tech Product of the Year 2013”. It was the first time that Exame Informática, which reviews a lot of tech products of worldwide brands, chose a Portuguese tech product to be the Tech Product of the Year. This was fantastic, as you can imagine! Even today, when we mention the prize, it still is considered an amazing feat.

BEETHEFIRST 3D Printer – Product of The Year 2013.
We are very proud indeed, but this would not be possible without our BEEs, employees, partners, community, fans and friends. A huge, huge thanks to all of you! 😀