Broken Filament in Extruder

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Broken Filament in Extruder

Post by Fredfrog6 » 29 Feb 2020, 18:11

I inherited a beethefirst printer from a family member last year. I used it from time to time, but I hadn't in many months until yesterday when I tried to start the printer and the filament snapped. I tried changing the spool and removing the filament multiple times. I took off the top cover and looked inside and it appears that there is a small bit of filament that's broken off and stuck in the extruder. How can I fix this?

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Re: Broken Filament in Extruder

Post by srodrigues » 06 Mar 2020, 18:59

When the filament is stuck in the printer, you can use a clip to clean the 3D printer. After toking off the cover, go to: "maintenance panel" -> "change filament now" -> select some filament such as PLA MCPP -> next -> wait for the heating process...
Then use an extended clip to push the filament that is stuck, very carefully downwards into the hot channel.

Another method is to heat the extend clip with a lighter and introduce thru the filament heating it from the inside out, next click Unload to remove the clip and pull the filament out.

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