Can't update firmware?

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Re: Can't update firmware?

Post by ben.ebden » 24 Apr 2019, 09:12

So I contacted customer services, they want to do a teamviewer session which is very helpful, unfortunately they want to do it when I am at work so that's no good.

I have found a solution myself so for anyone else having this issue in future:

- Install an old version of beesoft from ... 0Versions/ - I installed versions 3.15.1 (you do not need to remove version 4, it will install alongside it

- Open the old version and it will immediately update the firmware, no problems at all

- Open version 4.0 of beesoft and it will update the firmware again, this will get you the newest version of the firmware. The problem seems to be caused by the firmware being so old that it is not compatible with Beesoft 4.0 so the update can't be completed.

- You can then continue using the new version 4.0. I will do some further testing tonight to ensure this has solved all of my issues but so far it seems to have done so

Thank you Domingos for your quick support yesterday - although the software needs some adjusting, it is good to know that support is available when it is needed

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Re: Can't update firmware?

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 25 Apr 2019, 17:52

Hi Ben,

I'm glad the older version of BEEsoft fixed the firmware issue, if you have any other issues feel free to ask :)

Best regards

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