Picture of the new extruder beethefirst+

Reliability, design, quality output, usability and a new and more powerful extruder.
You can now 3D print some PLA variations.
With the new “power saving mode” and “advanced shutdown”, you can relax and enjoy 3D printing.
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Picture of the new extruder beethefirst+

Post by iordanis.kouroutsidis » 31 Aug 2019, 01:33

hello anyone who has beethefirst please share pictures of the new extruder.
I want to upgrade so I can print more than just PLA

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Re: Picture of the new extruder beethefirst+

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 02 Sep 2019, 11:22

Hello iordanis.kouroutsidis,

Unfortunately I don't have any BTF+ available right now but the new extruder requires changing the electronics as it uses a temperature controlled fan for the extruder to allow the print of higher temperature materials.

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Re: Picture of the new extruder beethefirst+

Post by tgala » 02 Sep 2019, 11:37

Hi @iordanis.kouroutsidis!
I suggest you contact Customer Support, maybe they can upgrade you BEETHEFIRST.
As @DomingosRodrigues said, the main difference between the BEETHEFIRST and BEETHEFIRST+ models is the extruder but there is additional electronics you need to take in to account. Maybe Customer Support can get you an upgrade deal.


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