Beethefirst printer issue

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Beethefirst printer issue

Post by mrgbljs » 11 Oct 2019, 10:52

I hope someone can help me with this! We are a Junior school in Rugby who are just blowing the dust of their 3d printer! The main issue we are having at the moment is that the print bed keeps dropping mid print. Clunk, bang and down it goes! The printer then attempts to keep printing onto thin air! While the effect is rather modern artish it's somewhat frustrating. Any ideas what we can do to stop it?

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Re: Beethefirst printer issue

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 14 Oct 2019, 10:52

Hello mrgbljs,

It appears the power unit (the internal component housing the motherboard and power supply) needs to be repaired, most likely a impact to the printer loosened one of the heatsinks cooling the Z axis driver, also if it has lots of dust that can be further worsening the problem by decressing cooling efectiveness. Please contact so they can help you solve the issue as fast as possible.

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