helloBEEprusa comes as a kit that includes everything you need for step-by-step assembly. Manuals and online tutorials are given to help you throughout the assembly.

The firmware of helloBEEprusa is Marlin based. We recommend Cura / Pronterface as the 3D printing / slicing software, but it also works with Slic3r, Repetier and Simplify 3D, among other available slicers. All operating systems should support helloBEEprusa as long as the slicer used is compatible with it.

You can print via SD-CARD or USB cable.

The supported file type supported for helloBEEprusa is gcode.

You will need to use a slicing software to covert the STL into gcode, using the desired printing profile.

The layer resolution in helloBEEprusa can go from 300 to 20 microns (user defined).

You can adjust them while helloBEEprusa is printing by accessing the LCD menu.

You can use blue tape or hairspray to coat the printing bed glass. You can also clean the bed with some alcohol prior to the printing. Increasing the bed temperature (according to the filament being used) is also an option to achieve proper bed adhesion.

The extruder of helloBEEprusa can reach 300º and the printing table can go up to 110º. Notice that these temperature references may be influenced by the ambient temperature.

For the helloBEEprusa printer, the maximum build volume can go up to 185 x 200 x 190 mm (7.28 x 7.87 x 7.48 IN).

You can use PLA, ABS, Nylon, wood, carbon and metal composites, TPU-FLEX, PETG, PLA-PHA, HIPLA, HIPS, PYA, ABS-PC, among others. User defined settings are needed to use these filaments.

You can print in different colours and materials, since helloBEEprusa has a full metal dual extruder capable of printing in many materials. User defined settings are needed to perform this.

In case the extruder of your helloBEEprusa gets jammed, try to use a filament filter. There are several printed filters available online and they are easy to install and remove whenever necessary. They should be mounted before the extruder filament entrance with a drop of vegetable oil on the sponge, so that it cleans any dust and lubricates the filament reducing its attrition inside the heatbreak. Also, make sure the fans of the extruder are always running once the printer is on.

If your printer is missing steps, check the fans of the motherboard. They should be pointing to the stepper drivers and active whenever the printer is enabled.

Due to the nature of this printer, you should lubricate the smooth rods and the threaded rods, to ensure the movement of the printer is smooth and that no extra unnecessary stress is being put onto the stepper motors. Check periodically that the belts and pulleys are tightened.

Due to the nature of this printer, be careful with the moving parts, as well as the high temperatures of the extruders and printing bed.

It is given a 6 month warranty that guaranties the replacement of defective manufactured parts. BEEVERYCREATIVE may request the return of the part in order to improve future developments.

You can go to BEEVERYCREATIVE’s Forum and share your experiences and projects. Also, you can get more out of your 3D printer with updates, upgrades, tweaks and tips.

Since helloBEEprusa is a DIY 3D printer kit, most of the technical issues arise from one’s inappropriate assembly, configuration and use. Therefore, technical support is given through BEEVERYCREATIVE’s Forum ( www.beeverycreative.com/forum) where our tech support team and helloBEEprusa users share their experiences, knowledge and solutions. You can also contact our customer service.

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