When the build tape on the printing platform is dirty and damaged, the build tape needs to be replaced. First, tap “preheat” function in the equipment to heat the build plate to 60°-100° (high temperature is better, 60°is good to prevent burns ), keep it for a few minutes until the glue under the build tape softens, then remove the old build tape along the corner, and use alcohol to remove the residue on the build plate. After wiping up, put on the new build tape and smooth it out.

Why do we need to replace the nozzle and PTFE tube? After a long time of printing, the two parts are prone to aging due to repeated clogging and overheating. When clogging or poor print effect often occurs, you need to change the nozzle and PTFE tube operation after several useless unclogging.
Firstly, you need to see the detailed nozzle dismantling video of your corresponding model through the official website, prepare the tools needed for video dismantling, and carefully learn the operation method of video.
Remove Nozzle motor -Nozzle heating module (Metal part of nozzle)- Remove the square aluminium block ( install heating tube, thermocouple and square metal block of nozzle) follow the instructions of the video, then you can replace old parts with a new nozzle and PTFE tube after unscrewing the nozzle. It is recommended that poor ability of the players can purchase heating component to replace.

You can physically connect the device to the computer using the included USB cable. Check whether the corresponding icon in the device manager has the yellow exclamation mark as shown in the picture. If so, it means that the printer driver file is not installed. FlashPrint needs to be reinstalled.
Or using Wi-Fi to make the computer and printer in the same Wi-Fi environment. For example, the device and the computer are connected to a home Wi-Fi named XXXX at the same time ,then select the IP option in the list of printer — “about” and fill in the number in the “FlashPrint –” print “–” connect machine “option to complete the connection.(If Wi-Fi status is not connected, check whether the computer has drive by USB cable)

When you want to update the firmware, you have 2 method. First,you can turn on Wi-Fi function in Settings to connect to Wi-Fi hotspot you are using nearby, and then click the “upgrade” option in the device.
Second, you can follow the previous step to connect the printer to the computer with USB cable and then click the update firmware button in the “tools” menu. (note that not all devices support both of these methods, but at least one of them does.)

The original model needs slicing software to be recognized by the printer. FlashPrint is developed by Flashforge, and you can get installation files from the attached memory card, USB stick or official website support page. You only need to select the corresponding installation package according to the operating system installed on your computer to install the software.
First you need to set which product you are buying: select “Print” menu option on Flashprint, Machine type and select your printer model.
Secondly, you need to read the help contents in the help list and load your model into the software. After the model is displayed in the software, you need to learn how to use the left sidebar and upper bar tools such as move, rotate, scale, support, etc., to properly place the model and support the suspended part. After these basic operations, you can enter the print interface.
In the printing setting, we have set the default printing plan for you. Generally, beginners only need to specify the material type of the left and right nozzle installation, whether to open the support, bottom plate and other functions, and choose the printing plan according to the desired model effect. (it is generally recommended to open the support, bottom plate, and select high quality print mode). Finally, click OK to obtain the processed model file that can finally be recognized by the printer. After putting the file into the printer, the model can be selected on the printer for printing.

3D printer model construction relies on the accumulation of layers of filament, which plays a very important role in the stability of the bottom.
You can adjust the print platform through the “leveling” option so that the first layer of the model perfectly adheres on the print platform. you can refer to User Guide or video of leveling operation to adjust the print platform, the first layer of the printing effect may refer to the image below to get to know your leveling effect is perfect or not.

Due to a variety of reasons, it often occurs that filament cannot be extruded when printing or filament loading. At this time, it is necessary to unclog and clean the residual filament of filament loading path manually to ensure the smooth filament inlet channel.
Firstly, you need to disassembly the filament feeding motor of the nozzle to expose the filament feed hole below. Then turn on the preheat function on the device and heat the nozzle to a temperature high enough to melt the filament and hold it for a short time. Finally, press the filament inlet channel with a 1.5mm unclogging pin in the kit provided with the device to extrude the filament from the nozzle.(As shown in the figure, it is the inlet of two common nozzle forms)

The printer needs to load filament to print, and when it is not used for a long time, the filament needs to be stored properly to avoid filament material damage.
You can use “loading” and “unloading” to do two operations respectively. After taping the button, the nozzle is heated until the temperature is high enough to melt the filament. At this time, load filament. Insert filament from the reserved filament inlet on the nozzle until you feel that the filament has been stuck by the filament motor and has been fed into it continuously. In order to unload the filament, the filament should be sent in manually until the filament top melt. At this time, press the press plate on the side of the filament inlet to loosen the filament clip and quickly pull out the filament.

You need to use 3D modeling software to draw or BBS enthusiasts have already made the model file, the model is usually suffixed with.STL or.OBJ format file.It is difficult to draw by yourself. It is suggested that beginners can search for 3D model and other keywords on the webpage, and register to download the model after entering the website.

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