Summary of the project and its overall objectives

The Leather3D project aims, through industrial research and experimental development, to produce leather solutions for additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, in order to enable the recovery of solid tanned waste from tanneries processing. In addition to the recovery of waste, the recovery of the skin itself is also an objective, namely those of inferior quality or leftovers from collections that have become unsuitable for market placing.

In this project, two innovative and creative solutions are proposed, based on AM technology, namely Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and 3D printing (3DP). These solutions aim to create design opportunities for the leather sector, while maintaining the materials characteristic touch.

In the FFF technology, the main objective is the development of polymeric leather composites (CPC) formulations with the maximum use of polymeric matrices of biological and biodegradable/compostable origin, guaranteeing an incorporation of leather in such a way as to give the filament the closest possible properties to marketed leather.

Through 3DP technology, the consortium intends to produce prototypes composed mainly of leather.

Other objectives inherent to this project include contributing to the realization of a sustainable and innovative industrial strategy inserted in a circular economy and ensuring competitive advantages in the development and production of new and creative solutions. The eventual success of the implementation of this valorization process will be combined with the creation of new qualified jobs and ensures work in the area of ​​technological research and development for the Members.

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