Although Biofabrication is a promising technique, there is still some issues when handling the materials in the available devices, since this type of equipment has not been specifically developed for Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering. In this way, BEEVERYCREATIVE intends to contribute to this area by developing equipment that allows solving some of the current technological problems.

The project consisted of designing, developing, producing and testing a fully functioning 3D Bio Printer to build three-dimensional structures of human tissue to be applied in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering areas.


The importance of biomaterials, cells and other biological compounds, along with 3D printing technologies has been a turning point in the past decade for the development of artificial 3D tissue structures, medical implants or even for the in vitro construction of biological models.

The hydrogel biomaterial turned out to be crucial for this development. Its high water storage capacity, as well as its biocompatibility and biodegradability features make it ideal to be applied in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering areas.

3D printing technologies, in turn, have become a mandatory tool. It is possible to design three-dimensional structures of high geometric complexity with controlled internal architecture and totally interconnected, and also with predefined dimensions and porosity, in a unique production sequence.



• Developing smart dispensers for biomaterials deposition (hydrogel with human cells and “crosslink”) through coaxial needles;
• Developing a system that allows homogeneous deposition of biomaterials, ensuring cell survival during and after printing;

Applicatiom Areas

• Simple fabric biofabrication
• Testing new drugs
• Testing products for the cosmetics industry
• Bone regeneration
• Organs bio printing

Bio 3D printing (biofabrication)

Production of 3D structures with biomaterials and living cells using 3D printing technologies. Biomaterials and living cells are deposited, layer by layer, creating 3D structures.


Compatible materials with living cells, low toxicity and structurally strong. Ex .: hydrogels