The Add.Powder project is set up on the development of an Additive Manufacturing solution that allows combining metallic material with thermoplastic polymers. Filament development is also included, by using shavings and other leftovers from traditional methods of producing metal parts, along with the conception, design and production of equipment capable of printing quality objects on metallic materials.

Since this process of printing equipment and filament happens at the same time, the stages are continuously iterative, until the set and its result is optimized.

Circular economy

Reusing materials from shavings of subtractive machining processes enables recapitalizing waste that commonly exists in most industries we have in Portugal. Reusing metal leftovers to create suitable materials for additive manufacturing processes is an innovative technology and it is also ecologically meaningful.

Advantages over the following technologies

Powder injection molding (PIM)

  • Produce complex geometrical parts that are impossible to do in conventional technologies
  • Produce functional prototypes in a short period time and with reduced cost
  • Fast and economical production of small sequences of parts


  • High reduction of energy costs
  • No risk of contamination
  • Largest range of materials

Binder Jetting

  • Less porosity
  • No waste of raw material

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