3D Carbide
3D Carbide
3D Carbide

Printing in hard metal

To produce tools that require the hardness of tungsten carbide-cobalt (WC-Co).


  • Two different technologies: Robocasting (R3D) and FFF
  • Formulation development of paste for R3D and filament for FFF
  • Iterative process by developing together FFF equipment and filament, in order to enhance the final printing quality

This project will solve the following issues

  • Geometric constraints in conventional manufacturing
  • Extensive number of machining steps, causing negative cost impact when producing small amounts of complex parts
  • High costs and highly technical / complex parts producing time
  • Need to recover raw material from machining to reprocessing


  • Production of small amounts of complex geometrical parts
  • Direct production from 3D design to the machine, with no use of pressing molds
  • Freedom in part’s design, allowing to explore new application markets
  • Focus on high added value products
  • Less time for product development


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Universidade de Aveiro