PLUX: BITalino


PLUX are a lot like BEEVERYCREATIVE, in that they’re a small but ambitious technology startup with customers all over the world. They specialize in the manufacture of bio-signal devices, a field that’s gained a lot of traction in recent years, and that takes great advantage in the ubiquity of smartphones, wearables and other such technology. The applications are endless, ranging from fitness to physiotherapy, and many other uses in between.

So where does 3D printing come into all of this? In PLUX’s quest to bring a small, affordable yet extremely flexible device, they came up with the BITalino, a multi-functional DIY toolkit chock-full of sensors and bio-signal-related technology.


When we were introduced to the BITalino, we asked if this was the end product, shipped just like that with no casing. PLUX’s Chief Innovation Officer, Hugo Silva, took the opportunity to delve into the world of 3D printing and together with André Magro from BEEVERYCREATIVE’s Innovation Department, they came up with a plethora of 3D-printed solutions that mirrored the assets of BITalino: ease of use, light-weight and boundless flexibilty.

At the end of all the work put into the BITalino project, we ended up with a beautiful main case (as you can see above), multi-coloured

sensor housings with their functions abbreviated on the outside, belt-clips and hooks to strap the BITalino to your clothing to be able to use it on the move. We even created a flexible armband for the sensors, using BEEVERYCREATIVE’s brand new printing material, that you can check out on our BEESUPPLIES page.

It’s actually quite hard to describe how well these pieces came out, so you better have a look at our video describing the collaboration.