3D europa

“3D EUROPA” sculpture

Leonel Moura

“3D Europa” is a sculpture designed by the Portuguese artist Leonel Moura for ICT (Innovate, Connect, Transform), the biggest Information and Communication Technologies event in Europe.

ICT 2015 is a European Commission initiative, this year co-organized with the Foundation for Science and Technology (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia), that is underway in Lisbon, from the 20th to 22nd October.

This impressive work of art developed during the last 6 months, represents a new way of art, by combining creativity and technology with innovative methods of doing things.

The sculpture, all 3D printed in PLA, was supported by BEEVERYCREATIVE and 3D FACTORY, and has about 300 parts with fittings and is almost 5 meters tall. Leonel uses 8 permanent 3D printers and counts also with the community’s help to make it possible.

BEEVERYCREATIVE’s team 3D printed several parts and Leonel also uses BEETHEFIRST at his studio, since it has what he looks for in a 3D printer: reliability and usability.

The final result is superb! If you are in Lisbon you can’t miss it!

About Leonel Moura

Leonel Moura is a pioneer in combining art with robotics, artificial intelligence and now, 3D printing.

His work is recognised on an international level, with exhibitions in the United States, where he has a robot-painter as a permanent exhibit in the New York Museum of Natural History, in Brazil, China, South Korea, Dubai, among others, as well as several European countries.

In 2009, he was nominated as European Ambassador of Creativity and Innovation.