FFF additive manufacturing appears as a very promising technology for the Professional and Semi-Industrial segment. It can effectively represent a new industrial revolution. The main advantages for this tecnology are low producing time, greater complexity of shapes and environmental benefits, as well as high efficiency of raw material use, when compared to conventional processes.

This additive manufacturing equipment will be regarded as a significant evolution of FFF printing technology, by developing two electromechanical subsystems and an integrated production management system. This will bring major advantages when it comes to the total time spent on producing objects, reducing the printing process complexity and in the quality feature that is similar to industrial-sized printing machines.

Industry 4.0

  • Integrated production system: Equipment + Software i4.0
  • Management system for remote monitoring of printing in real time
  • Production planning and production order management that will reduce time and resources of the entire workflow;
  • Production of small sequences of complex geometrical parts in a continuous “24/24” way;

Innovative subsystems

  • The extrusion of variable geometry will make it possible to produce parts with higher quality / precision, resistance and in less time.
  • Continuous printing will allow that the parts, once completed, can be automatically removed from the printing surface without an operator assistant, and the production of sizeable parts, bigger than the printing volume of the equipment.

Reducing problems during production

  • If a printing problem arises, the part will be automatically removed, and a new print order will be given;
  • Detaching parts of the printing surface more easily and effectively.

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