Want to 3D print with PETG? Read this!

April 24th, 2017
Written by Rita Lobo
Marketing Team

Hey guys 🙂

This blogpost will take you through the simple steps it takes to 3D print with PETG, on your BEETHEFIRST+ or BEEINSCHOOL 3D printer.

Want to know more about what advantages PETG has in 3D printing?

High tensile strength

Printed filament yields a rigid usable part

Low warping and shrinkage


Good alternative to ABS because it needs no heated bed

Resistant to greases and oils

PETG is used mainly for prototypes, final versions of mechanical parts and machine components. Watch our video to find out more about PETG.

Ready to start?

First, you purchase a spool of PETG here. PETG is available in Carmin Red and Natural.

Now, you need to install our External Spool Holder. Follow all the steps indicated here, it’s easy!

Now you can start 3D printing with PETG filament and since you are using BEEVERYCREATIVE’s filament, there is a specific profile on BEESOFT, developed by us to ensure you have the best results possible. Use tighter calibration for better results.

Happy 3D printing! 🙂

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