The Cookie Dipper project made my kid´s day!

December 03, 2015
Written by Jenny Fresco
Account Manager – International – BEEVERYCREATIVE

The Cookie Dipper Project!

I´ve been a fan of 3D printing ever since I joined BEEVERYCREATIVE’s team… And what have I gotten myself into…

Ever since I’ve wanted to print everything I can think of… I would only need an stl file.

But the day came. Where I’d see something really cool on social media, I wanted to print it so bad. I searched all the online galleries for a similar model. And got a big fat NOTHING.

So I thought: “Ok. I might have to figure out how that free online modeling software works.” And I did. That same day, in less than 45 minutes I designed my model. I’m a fast learner. J

Very basic and stupid for many. But not for me. Not for my “I’m the coolest mom on earth” self. So I get home, all excited with my first creation and in the need to test it.

So I asked my biggest fan, my 4 year old son. I told him I needed his help to test something. He was all ears!

This was OUR first test.

It needs some adjustments. And I need to make them soon, people are waiting. (Never thought this gadget would get so many fans.)

But the important thing is that I can do it! On my own! Ok, with the help of my BEETHEFIRST 3D printer. And it’s FUN!

What a BIG step!

3D printing at its best!


Feel free to share photos on BEEVERYCREATIVE COMMUNITY if you 3dprint this ! 🙂