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Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions respect the legislation in force and establish a binding contract between the users and the operator of this website, BEEVC – Electronic ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, LDA., hereafter called BEEVERYCREATIVE.
Herein defined are the conditions our products and services are subject to which impose terms and limitations to their use and purchase.
By using this website ( you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions stated here, and to any changes or amendments to the present version. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you should not use the services featured in this website or create a user account.
Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is valid until your account is closed, whatever the reason you have for closing it. BEEVERYCREATIVErecommends that you print or download these Terms and Conditions for future reference. You should also review the most recent version of these Terms and Conditions regularly as BEEVERYCREATIVE may change them, unilaterally, at any time. In order to create your user account, you must have Internet access and a valid e-mail address that will allow you to access the service and receive communications and documents electronically. These Terms and Conditions apply to all users.

Account terms

Before purchasing any of our products, uploading or downloading any content or accessing certain functionalities and services, you must create a user account, which is exclusive and free, on the website When creating your user account, you must provide accurate and complete information. The user is the sole responsible for keeping his/her account and password safe and for assuring his/her account activity is in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The user account can only be used by the person who created it or by someone explicitly authorized by him/her. An account user, even if not its creator, is also individually responsible for his/her account activity.
BEEVERYCREATIVE will not be held responsible for damages caused by any unauthorized use of the user account, or by any loss or damage resulting from not keeping your account and password safe.
The user must notify BEEVERYCREATIVE immediately regarding any security violation or unauthorized use of his/her account. BEEVERYCREATIVErecommends changing your password regularly to decrease the chance of unauthorized access to your user account.
You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to create a user account. If you are under 18, you can only create one with the permission of a parent or guardian.
You must provide current and accurate identification, your contact information and any other information which may be required to the registration process and/or the continuous use of our services.
Without prejudice to employ our best efforts to avoid unilateral actions by BEEVERYCREATIVE, we reserve the right to refuse service or close the account, at any time, without warning, for any reason, committing to, whenever possible and justified, explain the reasons for said refusal or closing.

Consent for use of personal information

By using our services, you accept that BEEVERYCREATIVE may store and use your personal information, guaranteeing its non-disclosure to a third-party. All information collected by this website is used only in accordance with BEEVERYCREATIVE’s Privacy Policy. For more information, please readBEEVERYCREATIVE’s Privacy Policy.

Use of the BEEVERYCREATIVE website

Copyrights and every other intellectual property right over the content of the website (including, but not limited to, software, audio, video, text and photographs and excluding all User Generated Content) is the property of BEEVERYCREATIVE or its licensors. All rights over non- expressly granted content are hereby reserved. However, unless otherwise specified, the content published on this website can be reproduced or distributed, without modifications, for personal and non-commercial use, as long as they do not damage the image of BEEVERYCREATIVE. All reference to copyrights and other proprietary notices must be maintained in all reproductions. Any other use of content, without prior written consent from BEEVERYCREATIVE, is strictly forbidden. You cannot use any bot, spider, or any other automatic device or manual process to monitor or copy any content from the website, under penalty of being held responsible accordingly. This website may provide links to other websites which are not under the control ofBEEVERYCREATIVE, and therefore BEEVERYCREATIVE cannot be responsible in any way for the content of those websites. The existence of any links shall not be understood as an endorsement by BEEVERYCREATIVE of the linked websites.
BEEVERYCREATIVE strives to have this website working in a reliable and consistent manner. However, BEEVERYCREATIVE cannot guarantee the website will work continually without any flaws. BEEVERYCREATIVE is not liable for any losses sustained by the user as a consequence of any interruption in the website or suspension of the user’s access to the website.

User-submitted content

User-submitted content is defined as any and all content you have uploaded onto this website, including, among others, 3D models, drawings or images of 3D objects, comments and specifications regarding 3D models. Submitted content cannot be or contain abusive, provocative, threatening, slandering, obscene, fraudulent, deceiving, false, offensive, pornographic, illegal or illicit elements, and cannot violate or infringe any intellectual property rights.
BEEVERYCREATIVE does not undertake any obligation to revise any user-submitted content and cannot, under any circumstance, be liable for that content. Nevertheless, BEEVERYCREATIVE, in a cooperative attitude towards the holders of Intellectual Property Rights, and as a way of keeping the website under appropriate conditions to be used by the public in general, will strive to promote the quick removal of any content that is not in conformity with these Terms and Conditions. When it comes to 3D models that violate these Terms and Conditions, BEEVERYCREATIVE can immediately cancel all requests and hold the infringer responsible for all damages caused by his/her actions. If you detect any content you deem inappropriate, that violates intellectual property rights or that is not in compliance with our content policy rules, please let us know immediately by using the means available on our website. With the exception of 3D models of your own creation, which will be dealt with in the following point, by uploading content onto theBEEVERYCREATIVE website you are automatically giving us permission, without any limitations and without compensation, to, directly or indirectly, use, publish, modify, reproduce, distribute, or, by any other means, explore that content without restrictions. You are also granting the same permission to all users of our website. By granting these permissions, you are also guaranteeing both BEEVERYCREATIVE and our website users that you are not violating third-party rights, expressly taking all responsibility that may arise from using, publishing, modifying, reproducing, distributing or any other form of exploration you may have authorized.

Intellectual Property Rights over 3D models

3D model authors, as holders of all intellectual property rights, guarantee, by submitting those 3D models, that they have created them and that they are not violating third-party intellectual property rights. Should the case arise that third-party rights have been violated, you will be the sole responsible for compensating all losses. Furthermore, you are also obliged to assume the defense of/compensate BEEVERYCREATIVE for any losses the company may incur as a consequence of your action or omission.
3D model authors, before uploading their models, have to choose one of the license types available in this website: 
BEEVERYCREATIVE may previously assess 3D models submitted by their authors, and reserves the right to refuse them.
3D models available for download on the website directly from BEEVERYCREATIVE, may, depending on their intellectual property regime, be made available in one of the following types:

Forum participation rules and regulations

Racist, hatred, violent and offensive language or language that will incite this kind of behavior will not be allowed. All comments must be expressed in a polite and constructive manner. Whenever you violate these rules, BEEVERYCREATIVE can, at any time, remove the content you have published and/or close your account, without prejudice to more costly liabilities which may arise from the general rule of law applicable.

Limitation of Liability

Without prejudice to any liability which cannot be excluded by law, these Terms and Conditions establish the extent of our obligations and responsibilities regarding BEEVERYCREATIVE’s services, without any other guarantees, conditions or other terms that are mandatory for BEEVERYCREATIVE.
Therefore, any warranties, conditions or other terms arising from/related to products and services are excluded. BEEVERYCREATIVE’s obligation for compensation is, ultimately, to return the amount paid by the user.

Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Portuguese Law and by the applicable European Union law. Any and all disputes caused by these Terms and Conditions must be settled in Portuguese courts.


The user agrees to compensate BEEVERYCREATIVE for all expenses, damages and expenses resulting or related to the violation of these Terms and Conditions.

Changes to the Website, Services and Terms and Conditions

BEEVERYCREATIVE reserves the right to, at any time, make changes to the website, services, products, as well as to the Terms and Conditions.

Contact Information

Should you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to our customer support. Should you have any problems, please contact us and we will do our best to solve them as quickly as possible. We strive to continuously improve our services and, as such, we appreciate every comment that may contribute to achieving that goal.

Final provisions

These Terms and Conditions represent the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement celebrated with the user, replacing any previous proposal or contract, oral or written, and any other communications between the user and BEEVERYCREATIVE. If any provision is deemed void or ineffective, such provision will be amended only to the extent that it becomes enforceable, and the invalidity or inefficiency of said provision will not affect the validity or feasibility of any other provision in these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Information we collect

 collects and uses your personal information, such as your name, e-mail address and place of living, becoming responsible for the treatment of that information. When you register on the website, we will ask you for your name and e-mail address in order to create your user account. When you place an order, we will ask you for the delivery address. Your e-mail address or avatar will be used so that you can communicate with other website users.

We will also use your information to communicate with you about our products or services. You can always indicate whether you wish to receive these communications or not in your user profile. We may also use your personal information for internal purposes, such as website administration, improving our services and compliance with our legal obligations.
You can also upload your picture onto your profile, thus giving up your image rights. In case you do so, your picture will be visible to other users of our website.
Under no circumstance will BEEVERYCREATIVE be liable for any misuse of your image by a third party.
How we protect your information

Your personal information will be collected and treated in strict confidence and kept secure according to the best practices. Access to your personal information will be restricted to a limited number of administrators.
Access and updates

Once you have provided us your personal information, you will be able to access that information and update, modify or delete it. You can do so by logging in to your BEEVERYCREATIVE account. We encourage you to keep your personal settings accurate and current. By accessing your personal profile, you will also be able to change your preferences on how we communicate with you. If you wish to have your account and personal information deleted, please send us your request.

Information we share

BEEVERYCREATIVE does not share your personal information with third parties, except when it is strictly necessary for compliance with legal and commercial obligations accepted by BEEVERYCREATIVE. Whenever necessary to do so, we will demand adequate data protection, and we will not authorize them to be used for any other purpose, regardless of the country they were transferred to. Regarding the payment methods available in our website, BEEVERYCREATIVE will not collect any financial information, as that information is gathered and stored directly by payment processors.
BEEVERYCREATIVE reserves the right to access, read, preserve and disclose any information to (i) satisfy any legal demands (ii) enforce these Terms and Conditions (iii) detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues (iv) answer user support requests (v) protect the rights, property or security of BEEVERYCREATIVE, its users or the public.
BEEVERYCREATIVE is not responsible for any personal information you choose to share on the website.

Information we collect by automated means

BEEVERYCREATIVE collects certain information by automated means when you visit our website, such as how many users visit our website and the pages they access.

Other websites

Our website may provide links to other websites. Those hyperlinked websites may have their own policies or privacy notices. As such, we recommend that you analyze them.
Contact us

Should you have any questions related to our processing of your personal information, please contact us. Should you have any question or comment related to this Privacy Policy, please, contact us.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

BEEVERYCREATIVE reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy by posting any revisions on the website and notifying you through our services or via e-mail. The use of the information we collect is subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time that information is used.


Products and Services

The technical features of the products for sale on the BEEVERYCREATIVE website are available on the website.

The functioning of the printers sold in our portal is optimized for the filament sold in our portal. As such, it is possible and likely that your printing process may jam if you are using different materials. We aim to have a very competitive filament price so that your creativity will never be hindered. The purpose of this information is not to sell more BEEVERYCREATIVE filament. It is, in fact, to ensure the quality of your 3D prints.


1) Placing an order
To place an order on our website, please select the intended item and quantity and click the available button to place the order. You will need to provide a valid shipping address. You will then be automatically redirected to our payment processor’s website.

2) BEEVERYCREATIVE order cancellation
If the product or service is available on the website, the rule is that it can be sold or provided. However, due to technical or other reasons,BEEVERYCREATIVE may not accept or cancel your order during the order process or even after it has been accepted. If we cancel your order, we will get in touch with you via e-mail and proceed to the reimbursement of your payment, when applicable.

3) Prices
The prices listed on the website are valid for that purchase only. BEEVERYCREATIVE reserves the right to change the prices without notice. Such change, however, will not be reflected on the price of orders placed before a new price was published on the website. All prices are expressed in Euros (€).
If you choose not to pay in Euros, currency conversion will be handled by our payment processor.
The prices listed on the website for each product and service are ruled by the terms in the following table:

PRINTER > 3D Printer

> Essential accessories for its use > Printing software > 1 filament spool in the customer’s choice of color (from a range of pre-selected colors)

Shipping and delivery costs; Transport insurance; Taxes and other charges
Filament 1 filament spool properly wrapped and packaged. Shipping and delivery costs; Transport insurance; Taxes and other charges
3D Models Download of the file matching the intended 3D model. Taxes and other charges

4) Payment
You can pay for your order by using one of the payment methods described on the website’s shopping cart. BEEVERYCREATIVE will not be responsible for the payment process, so please be careful to familiarize yourself with the terms of use of those services. We will only ship the products after receiving payment confirmation.

5) Order acceptance
After accepting your order, we will send an order confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address associated with your BEEVERYCREATIVE account. Your order will be considered as placed from that moment on. If we are unable to accept your order, we will get in touch with you. You should verify the order details in the confirmation e-mail and, should there be any errors, contact our customer service department immediately, making sure you indicate what needs to be corrected.

6) Tracking your order
BEEVERYCREATIVE will keep you informed of the status of your order until it is shipped.

7) Shipping
The order will be sent to your shipping address. Please note that the estimated shipping and delivery dates displayed are merely indicative andBEEVERYCREATIVE will not be responsible for any damage or cost caused by an eventual delay in shipping or delivery. The risk of loss or damage is transferred at the moment of shipping to the shipping company in charge of transporting the goods.

Responsibility for transport risk is transferred to the shipping company once BEEVERYCREATIVE hands them the goods. For that reason, any damage claim for damages to the goods as a result of their transport should be made by you directly against the shipping company.

8) Order cancellation
BEEVERYCREATIVE will not accept the cancellation of orders once the payment process has been completed.

Since this constitutes a distance contract, you can use your right of free termination within 14 days from date of delivery, unless the product was manufactured according to your specifications or custom-made for you. That right should be exercised by you, by sending a registered letter, with an acknowledgement of receipt, indicating you wish to terminate the contract. In this case, you must return the product in perfect conditions within 30 days from the date of delivery, and you will bear the costs of return shipment.

9) Return policy
BEEVERYCREATIVE accepts returns within the legal return period. You will have to return the item unused and in its original packaging, undamaged. We will only refund the amount paid after having assessed the return conditions and within the legal return period. You will be responsible for any return shipping expenses.


The warranty period by its first end user has a duration of two years, for the products totally assembled by BEEVERYCREATIVE, when the buyer is an end-user, and 1 year of warranty when the buyer is a collective entity or an individual in the exercise of his or her professional activity, and for a period of six months for the components sold separately and assembled by the client (except if there are different mandatory provisions required by the legislation applicable to the sale of the product).

The Warranty period will not be increased or renewed if there is a subsequent resale, repair or replacement of the product authorized by BEEVERYCREATIVE. However, the parts repaired or the replacement products supplied during the Warranty Period will be guaranteed during the rest of the original Warranty Period or during six months, counting from the date of repair or replacement, applying the superior date (except if there are different mandatory provisions required by the legislation applicable to the sale of the product).

Coverage/Repair/Replacement under warranty. The warranty for all our products covers all material defects, design and manufacture, including defects resulted from wear out of the products due to normal use. The solution of the defect/damage/malfunction will be solved through repair or replacement of the product or part, as BEEVERYCREATIVE understands to be the most adequate and within a reasonable deadline. By repairing or replacing the products, BEEVERYCREATIVE may use new products or parts that are equivalent to new or refurbished ones. All products and components replaced under warranty are BEEVERYCREATIVE’s property.

How to enable warranty. After acknowledging the defect, the client has a 2 month deadline to communicate the existing issue to BEEVERYCREATIVE. And for that the client must give specific information such as the description of the malfunction, photographs or videos. The client should also send a digital copy of the invoice issued at the time of purchase, clearly indicating the name and address of the seller, date and place of purchase, kind of product and serial number. This warranty can be voided if the client manipulates the invoice data, receipt or waybill.

Exclusion of the Warranty. This warranty specifically excludes the following cases:
– Damages or malfunctions resulting from non-usage of the instructions manual, settings, contents, data or connection of third parties, included or downloaded to the product, (during installation, assembly, shipment or at any other moment of the delivery chain or acquired in any other way by the user)
– Damages or malfunctions caused by unrelated reasons to the manufacture of the product, for example, power outages and electrical overloads, etc.
– Personal damage and/or materials resulting of the user’s noncompliance of rules and instructions given by BEEVERYCREATIVE for the installation, use, maintenance or transport (for example, not using the original packaging or an improper packing).
– Damages and malfunctions of the product resulting of: misuse of the product, falls, fraud or user’s negligence, including using the product for different purposes other than the product’s specifications; repair attempts made by parties that are not authorized by BEEVERYCREATIVE; accidents, natural disasters, humidity exposure, atmospheric or extreme temperature conditions or sudden changes such as corrosion, oxidation, spillage of liquids or food or chemical influenced products.
– Damages or malfunctions of products resulting of changes made by the user in the parametrization of the software for product function.
– Damages or malfunctions of products resulting of the use of a non-authorized product, equipment, software and/or service, and/or not recommended by BEEVERYCREATIVE.
– Damages or malfunctions of products resulting of the use of a firmware other than the one supplied by BEEVERYCREATIVE.
– Damages or malfunctions of products resulting of the use of a different printing table other than one recommended by BEEVERYCRAETIVE.
– Damages or malfunctions of products resulting of the use of a different printing material other than the one referred in the instructions manual and BEEVERYCREATIVE’s website.
– Damages or malfunctions of products resulting of the connection with different voltage other than the one set by the manufacturer.
– Defects not detected by scientific and technical knowledge at the time BEEVERYCREATIVE placed the product for sale.
– Defects or malfunctions resulting from abnormal or intensive use of the product.
– Defects or malfunctions resulting from the use of the product after arrival with visible damages before communicating and being authorized by BEEVERYCREATIVE.

Other exclusions: The current warranty does not apply to products in development and testing products.

Limitation of liability. With exception of the warranty specifically given and in the terms of the applicable law, BEEVERYCREATIVE excludes itself of any other expressed or implicit liability, to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Exclusion of liability

BEEVERYCREATIVE is not liable, nor will it be liable, for printed products or objects used in a manner contrary to their intended purpose or that may endanger its users.


Please make sure to follow the safety instructions contained in the user manual of the products you acquire.
Printed objects should not come into contact with food, beverages, electricity or liquids and should be kept away from heat sources.
Parents or legal guardians should guarantee the safety of minors when using printed objects.
You should use printed objects in a way that does not pose any threat to the health and safety of living beings.


General Rules

All 3D Model users are obliged to respect the rules regarding the usage policy stated here. If you do not, you can be held accountable according to these terms and conditions, without prejudice to more costly liabilities which may arise from the general rule of law applicable. The use of 3D models for any purpose contrary to public policy or to accepted principles of morality, or for any illicit or criminal purpose, is forbidden.

BEEVERYCREATIVE will not be held liable in case the user or a third-party does not comply with this prohibition. We will not accept refund requests for 3D models.

Intellectual property rights

As stated in the General Terms, 3D model authors must make sure the intellectual property rights of all submitted models are respected. Only original models, or models made available to the public by their author, should be submitted. Responsibility for violating eventual property rights is solely of the users who submit such models.

3D Models

Any 3D model likely to be deemed inappropriate is strictly forbidden on our website.

Open source software

BEESOFT contains open source software components that are incorporated into or distributed with BEESOFT. The license text file that is supplied with BEESOFT identifies the source and contains third-party warnings that BEEVERYCREATIVE is obliged to provide you with. Copies of said open source software licenses are in the license text file and, with this contract, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of said open source software license agreements.

Warranty Exclusion

The BEESOFT software is offered to the user FREE OF CHARGE and “AS IS”. BEEVERYCREATIVE and its suppliers negate any express, implied or statutory warranties relative to the BEESOFT software, including, without limitation, with regard to fitness to a particular purpose. BEEVERYCREATIVE does not guarantee that the use of the BEESOFT software will not be suspended or that BEESOFT will be error-free, that its flaws will be corrected or that it is free of viruses or any other harmful elements.

Limitation of liability and damages

To the full extent of the law, neither BEEVERYCREATIVE nor its suppliers will be responsible for: (A) loss or inaccurate data or costs of acquiring replacement goods, services or technology, or (B) any indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including loss of revenue and loss of profit. Some states and/or jurisdictions do not allow warranty exclusions or limitation of liability for consequential damages and so, therefore, the stipulated terms may not apply to you.

Application of limitations of liability to consumers

Limitations of liability or warranty exclusions mentioned in this Contract will not affect your legal rights as a consumer, i.e., someone who acquires goods for non-professional purposes. Limitations or warranty exclusions mentioned in this contract apply only, and insofar as, such limitations or exclusions are allowed under the law of the jurisdiction where you are located.


The disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability established above are fundamental elements of the contract established between the user andBEEVERYCREATIVEBEEVERYCREATIVE would not be able to supply BEESOFT under the same economic conditions without these limitations. The disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability also apply to BEEVERYCREATIVE suppliers.

Term and termination

This contract and the licenses granted herein are in effect at the date when you download BEESOFT and should continue to be in effect, unless and until this contract is terminated by BEEVERYCREATIVE in the terms of this section. BEEVERYCREATIVE can terminate this contract immediately once it is notified of any material breach of the terms herein. Once the contract reaches its term, this License will expire and, as such, you must destroy every copy of BEESOFT in your possession immediately, remaining valid only those terms of this contract regarding termination.

This contract is governed and construed according to Portuguese law, notwithstanding the principles of choice of that country’s law. Any dispute between the parties arising out of or in connection with this contract will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Portuguese courts. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply to this contract. In the case that a clause of this contract is considered to be against the law, such clause must be interpreted as literally as possible to reflect the intention of the parties, with all other clauses in full force and effect. Any notice can be provided by e-mail. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter, and supersedes all previous written or oral agreements between the parties. Any change to this contract must be made in writing and agreed by both parties, unless expressly specified in this contract.
Questions or additional information

Should you have any questions regarding this contract, or wish to receive additional information, please e-mail our Customer Support.