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Terms & Conditions 

  1. General Rules

These terms and conditions respect the legislation in force and establish a binding contract between the users and the operator of this website, BEEVC – Electronic Systems, Lda., hereafter called BEEVERYCREATIVE.
Herein defined are the conditions our products and services are subject to which impose terms and limitations to their use and purchase.

By using this website ( you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions stated here, and to any changes or amendments to the present version. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you should not use the services featured in this website.

If you disagree with any of the terms, please do not use this website.

BEEVERYCREATIVE recommends that you print or download these Terms and Conditions for future reference. You should also review the most recent version of these Terms and Conditions regularly as BEEVERYCREATIVE may change them, unilaterally, at any time. In order to create your user account, you must have Internet access and a valid e-mail address that will allow you to access the service and receive communications and documents electronically. These Terms and Conditions apply to all users.

  1. Site contents


The materials made available on this site are provided “as is” without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, or non-infringement. We do not warrant that the materials will be error free, nor free of viruses, defamatory, offensive, or other harmful matter. This site may also include content with technical inaccuracies or typographical errors that will be corrected as they are discovered at BEEVERYCREATIVE´s discretion.

III. Third party site links

The materials that can be accessed from linked sites are not maintained by BEEVERYCREATIVE  and we are not responsible for the contents thereof. NOTE THAT: Any reference to a linked site or any specific third-party product or service by name does not constitute or imply its endorsement by us, and you assume all risk with respect to its use. So, you need careful.


  1. Personal Data Protection


The personal data provided by customers are essential in order to ship orders and generate invoices and warranty contracts. When interage up on the website, customers commit themselves to providing valid personal data.

The personal data provided by customers are processed according the applicable legislation in force. By providing their e-mail address, customers authorize BEEVERYCREATIVE to use this address in order to process purchase orders, facilitate their browsing and the purchase of items and to inform them via said address of notices pertaining to BEEVERYCREATIVE, its products and the website. The personal and/or financial data voluntarily provided to BEEVERYCREATIVE as the result of a commercial transaction shall not under any circumstances be divulged or sold to third parties; this data shall only be collected and stored in order to prevent it being accessed by unauthorized persons.

About data protection you need consult our privacy policy.



  1. Intellectual Property Rights

The entire content of the website web (images, videos, etc.) is the property of BEEVERYCREATIVE and all rights are reserved, in accordance with copyright and intellectual property rights.

Therefore, usage of such is only permitted on a private basis and any other type of usage which does not have the prior agreement of BEEVERYCREATIVE constitutes an offence which is punishable under the terms of Portuguese Law.

Consequently, any reproduction in whole or in part of the contents of the website by any means and through any medium without the prior and express authorization of BEEVERYCREATIVE is prohibited.

In same reasons, BEEVERYCREATIVE does not authorize the copying, publication or distribution of any of the aforementioned content to third parties who are not in possession of the corresponding intellectual property rights. Any fraudulent use of said content shall be considered an offence against industrial and intellectual property rights punishable under the terms of the Portuguese Law.

Trademarks: Beeverycreative; Be3 printer; Bee printer; beesoft; bee2b; hello bee prusa; beeinschool respective logos are trademarks owned by BEEVC – Electronic ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, LDA. The trademark Beeverycreative and respective logo registered in Europe and internationally.

  1. User-submitted content

User-submitted content is defined as any and all content you have uploaded onto this website, including, among others, 3D models, drawings or images of 3D objects, comments and specifications regarding 3D models. Submitted content cannot be or contain abusive, provocative, threatening, slandering, obscene, fraudulent, deceiving, false, offensive, pornographic, illegal or illicit elements, and cannot violate or infringe any intellectual property rights.
BEEVERYCREATIVE does not undertake any obligation to revise any user-submitted content and cannot, under any circumstance, be liable for that content. Nevertheless, BEEVERYCREATIVE, in a cooperative attitude towards the holders of Intellectual Property Rights, and as a way of keeping the website under appropriate conditions to be used by the public in general, will strive to promote the quick removal of any content that is not in conformity with these Terms and Conditions. When it comes to 3D models that violate these Terms and Conditions, BEEVERYCREATIVE can immediately cancel all requests and hold the infringer responsible for all damages caused by his/her actions. If you detect any content you deem inappropriate, that violates intellectual property rights or that is not in compliance with our content policy rules, please let us know immediately by using the means available on our website. With the exception of 3D models of your own creation, which will be dealt with in the following point, by uploading content onto the BEEVERYCREATIVE website you are automatically giving us permission, without any limitations and without compensation, to, directly or indirectly, use, publish, modify, reproduce, distribute, or, by any other means, explore that content without restrictions. You are also granting the same permission to all users of our website. By granting these permissions, you are also guaranteeing both BEEVERYCREATIVE and our website users that you are not violating third-party rights, expressly taking all responsibility that may arise from using, publishing, modifying, reproducing, distributing or any other form of exploration you may have authorized.

Intellectual Property Rights over 3D models

3D model authors, as holders of all intellectual property rights, guarantee, by submitting those 3D models, that they have created them and that they are not violating third-party intellectual property rights. Should the case arise that third-party rights have been violated, you will be the sole responsible for compensating all losses. Furthermore, you are also obliged to assume the defense of/compensate BEEVERYCREATIVE for any losses the company may incur as a consequence of your action or omission.
3D model authors, before uploading their models, have to choose one of the license types available in this website: 
BEEVERYCREATIVE may previously assess 3D models submitted by their authors, and reserves the right to refuse them.
3D models available for download on the website directly from BEEVERYCREATIVE, may, depending on their intellectual property regime, be made available in one of the following types:

VII. Forum participation rules and regulations


Racist, hatred, violent and offensive language or language that will incite this kind of behavior will not be allowed. All comments must be expressed in a polite and constructive manner. Whenever you violate these rules, BEEVERYCREATIVE can, at any time, remove the content you have published and/or close your account, without prejudice to more costly liabilities which may arise from the general rule of law applicable.

VIII. Limitation of Liability

Without prejudice to any liability which cannot be excluded by law, these Terms and Conditions establish the extent of our obligations and responsibilities regarding BEEVERYCREATIVE’s services, without any other guarantees, conditions or other terms that are mandatory for BEEVERYCREATIVE.
Therefore, any warranties, conditions or other terms arising from/related to products and services are excluded. BEEVERYCREATIVE’s obligation for compensation is, ultimately, to return the amount paid by the user.

  1. Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Portuguese Law and by the applicable European Union law. Any and all disputes caused by these Terms and Conditions must be settled in Portuguese courts.

  1. Compensation

The user agrees to compensate BEEVERYCREATIVE for all expenses, damages and expenses resulting or related to the violation of these Terms and Conditions.

Changes to the Website, Services and Terms and Conditions

BEEVERYCREATIVE reserves the right to, at any time, make changes to the website, services, products, as well as to the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Contact Information

Should you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to our customer support. Should you have any problems, please contact us and we will do our best to solve them as quickly as possible. We strive to continuously improve our services and, as such, we appreciate every comment that may contribute to achieving that goal.


XII. Final provisions

These Terms and Conditions represent the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement celebrated with the user, replacing any previous proposal or contract, oral or written, and any other communications between the user and BEEVERYCREATIVE. If any provision is deemed void or ineffective, such provision will be amended only to the extent that it becomes enforceable, and the invalidity or inefficiency of said provision will not affect the validity or feasibility of any other provision in these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.