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BEEstories #3 – 3D printing on the factory floor

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

February 24, 2016
Written by Alexander Torres
Multimedia & Content Producer

We’re a young company. We’ve been at this 3D printing thing for just under three years, so when we make claims regarding our product’s reliability, how do we back this up? Testing its immediate abilities isn’t that much of a problem, as our first two BEEstories (#1 and #2) can attest.

Let’s be honest, it’s a perfectly legitimate question! Every manufacturer makes all sorts of statements regarding their products’ durability, but it’s not possible to fully evaluate their real-world performance, no matter how much testing and quality control took place before its launch. Even highly-anticipated launches preceded by a rock-solid company reputation sometimes give their creators red-faces in the quality department (the iPhone 4 and its death grip, the spontaneously-combusting Ferrari 458 Italia, to name two recent cases).

So it’s even harder for a fledgling enterprise to prove its product’s long-term capabilities. And BEEVERYCREATIVE fits this description neatly, with its BEETHEFIRST on the market for just over two years. Here at our headquarters, we have BEETHEFIRST’s running 24/7 without a noteworthy hitch, but this is hardly an impartial circumstance that we can put forward as iron-clad evidence of a 3D printer’s worth.

We needed an outside view, so we turned to one of our very first customers, electronics company, HFA. BEEVERYCREATIVE has worked with HFA from our beginning in 2013, and they became one of our first customers. Their idea was to have a 3D printer in their meeting room for demonstration, where they could show one of their products being prototyped on the spot. It should be pointed out that HFA specializes in providing customers from all over the globe with electronic appliances that are ready-to-go, i.e., they’re finished items that can be used immediately, without additional assembly.

In time, the BEETHEFIRST they had in their possession found its way to the factory floor, where it used in creating templates and prototypes. As is one of the core features of 3D printing, objects were created, tested and tweaked faster and cheaper than conventional methods, boosting productivity and lowering costs. Then, another twist: 3D printed objects began to be used on the production line itself, with finished pieces in use intensively and to this very day. For example, the pieces shown below were used on around 50,000 circuit boards. And with no need for maintenance whatsoever!

In January of this year, we reached out to HFA to ask for their collaboration in this very project we are currently presenting, and we found one of our original 3D printers not only in use, but way outside its comfort zone. A machine that was designed for home and educational use was thriving in an industrial setting, and so successfully that the same company had ordered two more new 3D printers from us.

So there you have it. This is one of our first real-world case-studies we found to bolster our claim to reliability. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below and hear these testimonies for yourselves.