Press Release – BEEVERYCREATIVE and STAPLES partnership

December 5th, 2017
Written by Rita Lobo
Marketing Manager

BEEVERYCREATIVE and STAPLES Portugal partnered up to install 3D printers in half the Copy&Print Staples in Portugal

BEEVERYCREATIVE, the leading 3D printer manufacturer in Portugal, has established a partnership with Staples Portugal earlier this year for their Copy&Print centers. With this partnership, half of the centers in Portugal are equipped and ready to offer 3D printing services. It’s simple and easy, anyone who is interested in these 3D printing services can go into a Staples store, take a 3D file and request a quote.

In addition to 3D printing, Copy&Print also offers 3D modelling services, under previous consultation.

According to Sérgio Moreira, CMO of BEEVERYCREATIVE “This partnership is very important because it makes 3D printing technology more accessible, offering a valuable service through a well-known and respected entity like Staples Portugal.”

Staples believes that “this service was created with the objective of bringing 3D printing to the public, making it available to all. Complemented with the 3D modelling service, we have created a perfect bond to all those looking for 3D printed objects, having only an image or draft. This partnership with BEEVERYCREATIVE has ensured the quality of the service provided, with robust machines, that deliver high quality results.”


Rita Lobo
Marketing Manager


BEEVERYCREATIVE is a Portuguese company that develops 3D printing technology and intends to be at the forefront of this technology, either by delivering innovative solutions to the market or by developing technology for tailor-made projects.

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“More than selling office supplies, Staples wants to help their customers achieve their goals. Whether the client works at home or in a big office, our only focus is to ensure they have everything they need to turn their opportunities into reality.”

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