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Date: August 30th 2018

 BEEVERYCREATIVE will launch new 3D printer DIY kit, B2X300, in September 2018

BEEVERYCREATIVE will launch a new product in September 2018, new 3D printer DIY kit for the Maker Segment, B2X300. BEEVERYCREATIVE will present this product publicly at the TCT show 2018 in Birmingham, UK (25-27 September)

BEEVERYCREATIVE is the leading 3D printer manufacturer in Portugal, prepares to launch a new product, the B2X300 DIY 3D printer kit (, for the Maker Segment. This is an important step for the company since the last product launch was in 2015, with  helloBEEprusa, BEETHEFIRST+ and BEEINSCHOOL 3D printers on the market. Since 2016 that the company was working on the MELT project ( for the European Space Agency, and now the company is ready for releasing new products to the market. In November 2017, 2 years after the launch of their 3D printer DIY kit, helloBEEprusa, the company entered a new product development cycle for this segment. BEEVERYCREATIVE has conducted studies such as:

– Collecting quantitative and qualitative information data on helloBEEprusa’s user feedback with Customer Service. The idea was to gather information on doubts, problems and quality control issues;

– Benchmark of multiple companies in this sector, analysing what the best competitor products were and what impact they could have on the product development process and, as a result, on the launch of this new product;

– Market research with the help of a survey where hundreds of people from the maker segment gave very helpful feedback about their user patterns, what they value and other valuable inputs for future product development.

After many hours of product development, in April 2018, the company delivered B2X300 to Beta Testers, members of their BEEVERYCREATIVE’S community, so they could test the product and provide valuable feedback for the development process.

B2X300 will gather most of the top features available on this market segment. So far, the company has released the following features but during the month of September, more features will be publicly announced:

– 2 extruders;

– Print area: 300x200x300;

– Auto bed levelling;

– Trinamic Drivers.

The story behind the name B2X300 comes from the product’s main features, B from the brand BEEVERYCREATIVE, 2X because of the two extruders on the 3D printer and 300 due to the print area 300x200x300.

If you would like to follow the latest news and access more information, you can visit the official B2X300 website:

Recently, the company release the first video teaser about this product, available here:

On August 27th, BEEVERYCREATIVE release the second video teaser, unveiling a little bit more about the new product:

Other news about BEEVERYCREATIVE’s participation on TCT 2018:

Project MELT (, developed by the international consortium: SONACA SPACE, BEEVERYCREATIVE, OHB SYSTEMS and Active Space, is one of the finalists on one of the most prestigious categories, “TCT Aerospace Application Award”.

TCT show is one of the biggest 3D printing events worldwide. Every year, TCT promotes the TCT Awards, which aims to reward the best examples of 3D printing applications in various fields. According to BEEVERYCREATIVE’s CMO, Sergio Moreira, “being in the finalists is already a great accomplishment, even more when the other finalists on this category are world renowned companies of great dimensions”.


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Rita Lobo

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