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Schools prepare the future owners and actors of the world. For this reason, it is also important to start to establish a close link between education and 3D printing. On the following video, we can see an example that shows how our printers were specifically designed to be in an educational environment.

For motivational reasons, and due to the versatility and easiness in the incorporation of creative solutions, 3D printing is considered one of the basic pillars of the new paradigm Industry 4.0.
Besides this logic, there are more motivations for Schools to become 3D adopters: not only students are usually more eager and ready to accept new ideas and methodologies and find new uses for them, but also 3D Printing can become a relevant pedagogical factor, able to improve the overall learning experience. Very shortly textbooks will include 3D printable models integrated with the content of each lesson. This will provide a richer Educational experience both for students and teachers.
Here you can find some examples of activities included in our Curriculum for 3D Printing that we are developing. Our curriculum is intended to help teachers implement 3d printing in their classrooms.

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– transform 2D representations into 3D objects
– get students acquainted with thinking in 3D
– promote partnerships between subjects and/or teachers
– introduction of new concepts to younger students
– apply 3D Printing to everyday solutions
– personalize objects
– encourage students to develop their creativity and imagination
– explore curricular goals using 3D modeling and 3D Printing.
– raise awareness for environmental care

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