helloBEEprusa 3D printer videos – “How to assemble”

August 04, 2015
Written by Sergio Moreira
Community Manager

helloBEEprusa 3D printer kit – How to assemble videos

This series of videos will help you assemble your helloBEEprusa 3D printer Kit.
The first 7 seven videos are directly linked to the helloBEEprusa 3D printer KIT Assembly Manual. The last one, number 8, “helloBEEprusa – Calibration & First Print”, is linked to the helloBEEprusa 3D printer KIT First Print Manual
We hope you enjoy it!

To see them directly on Youtube Playlist click here.


1. helloBEEprusa – Introduction

2. helloBEEprusa 3D printer: A – Assembling the structure

3. helloBEEprusa 3D printer: B – Assembling the build plate structure

4. helloBEEprusa 3D printer: C – Assembling the extruder

5. helloBEEprusa 3D printer: D – Assembling the X-Axis

6. helloBEEprusa 3D printer: E – How the 3 axes and all their components come together

7. helloBEEprusa 3D printer: F – Assembling the electronics

8. helloBEEprusa – Calibration & First Print