helloBEEprusa 3D printer – First Print/User Manual

August 04, 2015
Written by Sergio Moreira
Community Manager

helloBEEprusa 3D printer kit – First Print/User Manual

Like the helloBEEprusa 3D printer Assembly Manual blog post, this post is to introduce you to the “helloBEEprusa First Print Manual”.
We tried to make it easy and quick to read, and we hope it can assist you on the calibration process and the first print. Also check the video below.

Feel free to send the suggestions you may have! 🙂

Download full First Print/User Manual here

Video: helloBEEprusa – Calibration & First Print

You can also check the helloBEEprusa 3D printer Assembly Manual here.
Don’t forget to check the blog post with the playlist of the helloBEEprusa 3D printer assembly videos here.