November 2, 2015
Written by Alexander Torres
Multimedia & Content Producer


Our first contact with Katty Xiomara was on a sunny June day, when we paid her a visit at her studio, a sumptuous 19th century house in the city of Porto. We sat down with Katty and José da Silva, a member of her team, surrounded by classical elements that seemed as old as the house itself, like the chairs and the table, but brought together with her modern creations, from glasses to gowns.

Our proposition was simple: we wanted to bring Katty Xiomara creations to life through 3D printing, and we were more than happy to find out Katty is a pioneering spirit herself, ready to embrace these opportunities and provide us with pieces our BEETHEFIRST 3D printer can turn into reality.

The method was straight forward: we would receive some designs and “extrude” them, so to speak. These pieces would be for Katty’s brand new fashion collection, 8 bit Flashback, meaning we were seeing them first hand.

So we would start with this:

botao 3D-01

We’d make them 3D:

3D printed buttons beethefirst

And then we’d print them:

3D printed button beethefirst

The designs were beautiful in themselves, but the 3D printed versions really blew everyone away, even those who weren’t involved. We got some great feedback form Katty, so we pressed on.

colorfull 3D printed button beethefirst  3D printed ring beethefirst

Each new piece looked the business, and we couldn’t wait to see them exhibited on the runway. Keep in mind, at this point we had no idea what Katty’s collection was about, but it would all come together seamlessly in the end.

And so, Katty’s new collection was launched and we were invited to come along and see it for ourselves. A small caveat: the actual BEEVERYCREATIVE representative who went to the event – me 🙂 – has the fashion sense of a blind hedgehog, so it would have been normal to expect a lukewarm or unenlightened vision of what transpired. Nothing could be further from what happened.

Katty Xiomara’s latest collection – as the name 8 bit flashback suggests – is based on 8-bit videogames, and this results in very refined aesthetics and a truly unique approach to the presentation. The new pieces were on display within a digital presentation of the collection, allied to a live, 8-bit-inspired soundtrack, and further combined with the real-life presence of models clad in the latest Katty Xiomara collection. Let there be no room for debate: the impact was resounding, memorable and visually fulfilling!

3D printed ring and bracelet beethefirst

3D printed white button beethefirst  3D printed blue button beethefirst

We were very glad to see how our 3D printed accessories helped bolster Katty’s vision, and in turn we believe Katty has a new means at her disposal for creating great new fashion.

And don’t take our word for it! You can watch Katty describe this experience in her own words.