Problem filaments

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Problem filaments

Post by guillaume » 24 Jan 2017, 11:08


We recently bought a Beethefirst+ and while when using the a PLA white filament (A102) everything went fine, we don't manage to print the same piece using the PLA yellow filament (A104). Everytime, after rougly 30 min the extruder is clogged. We have the same problem when testing with the PETG filament. Do you have any idea where the problem may come from?

Geoffrey Borny
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Re: Problem filaments

Post by Geoffrey Borny » 25 Jan 2017, 08:31

Well every color change in filaments can cause some little differences in printing temperature etc.
Also to prevent clogging try to lube the filament when printing with PLA, canola oil will do the job perfectly. The oil will cause a small layer between the bronze nozzle and the filament and will so prevent a clogged nozzle. A small amount (1-2 drops) before every print on the filament is enough.
For printing with PET-G, try to find the proper printing temperature by printing some cubes in different temperatures. Also print without cooling fan or let it turn on a low speed this will increase the strength of the part.

Try this out and let me know what the results are, hopefully they work :D

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Re: Problem filaments

Post by tgala » 25 Jan 2017, 10:04

Hello guillaume,
That is a really strange issue! Sometimes the different batches of filament come out a little different from each other and I think that might be one of the problems there, so as Geoffrey said, try adding a little canola oil to the filament (some people pass the filament through a little container with a sponge embedded with a few drops of oil) - you can try this one:
If that doesn't work, maybe you could try contacting the customer service:

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