Extruder 1 not working

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Extruder 1 not working

Post by crisp77 » 16 Feb 2020, 07:43

I had my B2X300 for a few months but I never got to try out dual printing. I wanted to do this this weekend but when I tried to load filament into E1 nothing happens. I tried both auto and manual extrusion. In both cases I get the feedback that the extruder is heating up but the stepper won't move. I don't get any error messages during startup, contact on the main board and cables to the stepper are properly positioned. Any ideas what might be the case?

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Re: Extruder 1 not working

Post by srodrigues » 20 Feb 2020, 11:19

Please contact the technical support, explaining your problem, at:

Best regards!

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