Y axis moving on the opposite direction

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Y axis moving on the opposite direction

Post by DavidLopesC » 02 Jul 2019, 10:51

My Hello bee prusa was working fine for a long time and randomly the y axis is reversed.
When I start printing it travels on the opposite direction of the sensor. Also happening on 'Auto-home'.
A strange thing is that even manually clicking on the Y sensor the sensor light turns red but the axis keeps moving. Looks like it's not recognizing the sensor.
The printer is keeped on a restricted area of a school but i've already put the possibility of some student touching a cable. But I can't detect anything different.
Despite a loud and agressive noise when the y axis collide with the printer structure, It's doing fine prints.

Can you please help me?

Thanks a lot for your attention.
David Cardoso

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Re: Y axis moving on the opposite direction

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 03 Jul 2019, 12:33

Hello David,

To fix this issue we first need to discover it's source so I would recommend doing the following one by one testing again between them:
- Firmware, reinstall the latest firmware for the printer
- Does the endstop LED react when you press it?
- Have you verified every cable on the mother board is according to the manual? If not please do so noting the orientation of the cables.
- Try using the recommended slicer with it's attached profiles ( available here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=785 ) to generate the gcode, there can be a error on the Gcode.
- Did you upgrade or modify you printer's stepper drivers? The newer A4988 stepper drivers (green chips instead of purple) or even Trinamic chips (usally black/white) have a diferent movement option and might require a different firmware configuration, please reply back with a picture of you printer motherboard so I can try and help you configure it correctly.

Being that the machine has been used for a long time and is used in a school environment it should probably receive some maintenance, if you cant fix the issue I would suggest contacting customer_service@beeverycreative.com to schedule a maintenance and tuneup to get the printer printing better than ever :)

Best regards
Domingos Rodrigues

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