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Forum Rules

Post by Filipe » 31 Jul 2015, 11:23

Forum Rules

1. The main language used in this forum is English. The second language is Portuguese. Any post, topic, answer that’s given in any other language will not be considered by the moderation team.

2. Only post links to other websites that clearly add value to the conversation. Any obvious advertising of other websites will be removed and the poster can be banned.

3. A forum is a place where you can interact with people from all over the world. This will lead to the exchange of ideas that you may not completely agree with. It is OK to debate others and defend your point of view, however there is a fine line between doing it in a respectful way and making people feel unwelcome. Always stand up for what you believe in, but do it in a way that won't lead to unfriendly and bitter rivalries. We should all be friends here, so please argue accordingly.

4. Listen to the moderators. They are here to help and to make everything go as it should be.

5. Avoid using 'bad' words. This is a board for everyone and we all know that some words or phrases aren't appropriate for everyone. If you have a really good argument, 'bad' words aren't necessary to get the point across.

6. The moderation team may edit, move or delete messages posted on the forum that:
- are considered aggressive, offensive or show lack of education;
- don’t make sense, or devoid of content;
‐ contain inappropriate images;
- posts that are considered forum spam. As well as posts that are appropriate but contain links considered spam, those links will also be removed;
- consist in a personal attack, or that can be considered provocative;
- advertise or encourage any illegal or criminal activity or that are clearly advertising;
- are commercial/promotional, that were not previously authorized or are not referring to any of our partners;
- are out of context;
- Whenever possible, the moderation team will report to the person in question the decision made through a private message, being that this decision is not to be discussed publicly;

7. The topics in which the message exchange is out of control or that have reached the proposed initial goal, may be blocked by the moderation team;

8. Offensive words, swear words, pornography, or any other material capable of hurting ones feelings, will not be accepted. The moderation team has the right to delete these messages without having to justify the decision.

9. Avoid “direct dialogue”, reducing a series of messages that will only interest one person, reducing also the possibility of misunderstandings. Whenever necessary use private messaging or email;

10. The moderators’ decisions and stance taking will not be discussed publicly. Any request of information needed from the moderation team should be made by private message;

11. Editing your own messages is a tool that should be used to correct typing, spelling or grammar mistakes, never to change the initial meaning of the message;

12. Maintenance of the data base of registered users will be made regularly. Accounts of users that haven’t entered the forum in over 2 years will be deactivated;

13. With this collection of rules it’s intended to cover a vast number of situations, however it’s impossible to predict everything. Like so, for all situations not predicted in these rules, the moderation team has the right to take the necessary measures to assure the correct function of the forum;

14. The administration of this forum has the right to change these rules without previous notice;

Obs. Any doubt, critic or suggestion to improve this space should be sent to the administrators or moderators.