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[FIRMWARE] Latest helloBEEprusa firmware 1.1.1 Final

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[FIRMWARE] Latest helloBEEprusa firmware 1.1.1 Final

Post by smoreira » 05 Jul 2017, 16:30

Hi guys,

We're releasing here a firmware update for helloBEEprusa 3D printer kit.
The main improvements and bux fixes are:
- Improved PID tuning, maintains a better temperature stability and printing quality
- Implemented nozzle pressure control function tuned for the original extruder assembly to allow less defects on faster printing speeds, also decreases oozing and stringing.
- Fixed bug when printing with dual extrusion which caused the extruders to move too far to the right hitting the structure
- Increased stability of USB printing
- Heaters automatically disabled after cancelling/finishing print
- Several performance and stability improvements of the internal code
- Several LCD display changes to allow better usability/ better layout for the included LCD
- Improved security checks and prevention of accidents in case of thermal runaway and unregulated heating
- Automatic storage of bed calibration settings
- Fixed the mesh leveling probing points, no more collision with glass clamps

We recommend you uninstall your previous version of Arduino before installing this update.
Don't forget to check the document attached to download and install the new firmware.

New firmware here: ... RYCREATIVE



UPDATE 19/07/2017: Bug fix that fixes heating errors.

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Re: [FIRMWARE] Latest helloBEEprusa firmware 1.1.1 Final

Post by MrDoom » 05 Jul 2017, 16:45

Downloading and installing it right now :D
Good to see some developments happening!!

Edit: It's working flawlessly, no bugs so far and the bed leveling seems to be working just fine now, I only found that you need to add "M420 S1" to the start Gcode, to allow the bed compensation, on you slicer and you are good to go :D

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Re: [FIRMWARE] Latest helloBEEprusa firmware 1.1.1 Final

Post by rkramedjian » 11 Jul 2017, 21:16


I downloaded and installed it. There seems to be a bit of a bug in the filament change code. When unloading and loading there are new prompts, but then the extruder does not stop automatically. Any ideas?


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Re: [FIRMWARE] Latest helloBEEprusa firmware 1.1.1 Final

Post by MrDoom » 12 Jul 2017, 10:06

Hello rkramedjian, what do you mean by the extruder does not stop automatically? Are you talking about the heating of the extruder of the movement of the extruder? Mine stops moving when either loading or unloading, tested it right now, after a few seconds but the extrusion amount appears bigger than before. The heating stays on, but that I don't mind since I am going to start a print anyways :P

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Re: [FIRMWARE] Latest helloBEEprusa firmware 1.1.1 Final

Post by fgarcia » 12 Jul 2017, 15:34

Hi guys,

I've installed this new version and couldn't change the filament as it reachs 198º.. and start decreasing until 187º... and then again going up until 198º... and decreasing again... and don't start the gear wheel to change the filament, as anyone noticed this?


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Re: [FIRMWARE] Latest helloBEEprusa firmware 1.1.1 Final

Post by MrDoom » 12 Jul 2017, 16:39

Hello, that happened to me even on the older firmware, but if I wait some minutes for it to stabilize it works. Then I managed to "fix it", it takes less time to stabilize, the solution was to make sure the temperature sensor is well sat in the block and that the small screw bellow it is well tightened,and to calibrate the PID, every printer is a little different in terms of temperature control and you should calibrate it yourself for a better temperature control.

You need pronterface or any other console to communicate with the printer through USB. Then after connecting to the printer send the following command:
"M303 S200 C10"

wait for it to finish, you should receive after a few minutes a feedback saying something like, the this after a few minutes :
"Kp: xxxx
Ki: yyyy
Kd: zzzz
PID Autotun finished..."

Use the following command to set the PID to the values you just calculated
"M301 Pxxxx Iyyyy Dzzzzz" xxxx yyyy and zzzz are the values you received before

Use the following command to save the settings to EEPROM

And it's done

Anyways I usually don't use the filament load and unload, I rather preheat the hotend and load it manually as it is faster :P

If in doubt or you dont want to do that contact the customer service they might be able to give you a firmware with some more agressive PID to fix that issue

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Re: [FIRMWARE] Latest helloBEEprusa firmware 1.1.1 Final

Post by RickRick » 16 Sep 2017, 13:19

Got a bit of an odd issue after updating the firmware

When i set off a print, the extruder shows the correct temp, but heats to 10c below this every time i have to turn up the heat with tune, then once heated turn it back down

Any suggestions or just reload firmware?

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Re: [FIRMWARE] Latest helloBEEprusa firmware 1.1.1 Final

Post by MrDoom » 18 Sep 2017, 10:42


I thinks that is due to the new firmware having a bigger temperature margin for temperature stabilization, aka it waits less for the temperature to stabilize, it should work correctly without you needing to change the temperature and in a few seconds after the print starts it should be at the desired temperature.

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Re: [FIRMWARE] Latest helloBEEprusa firmware 1.1.1 Final

Post by Frank33456 » 01 Oct 2017, 19:31


last Friday i've managed to update my HBP to the new Firmware.

But now the function "Change Filament -> Load" won't stop the motor after i pressed the button on "press and hold to continue" (i think you mean the button since there is no hint what to press :) ). The only way to stop is to press the reset button.

And annoying issue with unloading: On "press and hold to continue" in most cases nothing happens and in the display load/unload-menu is shown.

What am i doing wrong?

Best Regards


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Re: [FIRMWARE] Latest helloBEEprusa firmware 1.1.1 Final

Post by siquenique » 14 Dec 2017, 13:11

Hi, i tried updating the firmware with the arduino 1.6.8 and didn't worked. Only managed with the 1.8.3.
When you say uninstall you mean delete the arduino version and install again in the MacOS?
Also how can i factory reset the arduino and do a clean install?

Right now with this latest installation both extruders warm up but i just have chosen one in cura.


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