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Power supply blown

Posted: 03 Dec 2016, 15:01
by PeterS
HI all,
I am completely new to 3D printing and to this forum. I am not familiar with the etiquette on this forum, please inform em on any rules and do's and dont's.

I just finished assembly of my HelloBee Prusa, lovely job :D. Everything went smooth thanks to good manual and instruction video's.

Big issue is that at first start-up the 2A fuse in the cable-connector immediately blew up....
After a thorough check of all cabling and connections (I discovered no issues), retried with new 2A fuse in the cable-connector, same result......

Then I disconnected the 24 V cables from the main-board (so only power supply is connected to 220 V) and retried with another 2A fuse in the cable connector. Same result !!!

Apparantly there is a short circuit at some point in the power supply, while it has never been used !!

IN order to start off with 3D printing a.s.a.p., I want to order a replacement power supply via Conrad Electronics. Since I am more of a mechanical guy (and not an electrical guy), this is not my best area of experienced/knowledge.
Can somebody give me advice what parameters to watch for in order to buy a good power supply for the HBP, without overdoing it.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards,
PeterS from Holland.

Re: Power supply blown

Posted: 06 Dec 2016, 20:41
by Mic_Hazelburn
Hey Peter,

the power supply has a little switch on the side, were you can choose the input voltage.
Is the switch on 220V?

Re: Power supply blown

Posted: 07 Dec 2016, 09:15
by PeterS
Hello Mic,

Yes, sure, the switch is (and was) on 220V.
Do you have any other suggestions ?


Re: Power supply blown

Posted: 07 Dec 2016, 09:46
by Mic_Hazelburn
Hello Peter,

hmm okay - that idea was the simplest so far ^^

If you say, there is a short circuit in some point, could cou open the whole power supply? It could happen in the manufacturing, that a srew or a snap ring is betwenn to points.
Oh, but I don't know what happend in this case with your guarantee.

That could be a thing.

Oh, an please make a picture of that all.

Re: Power supply blown

Posted: 08 Dec 2016, 15:11
by PeterS
Hi Mic,

I already opened the power supply ...... didn't think of guarantee :roll:
As a "non electrical guy" I could not see anything strange, no screws or metal parts "connecting" something.

Best regards,