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[INFO] How to upload firmware

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[INFO] How to upload firmware

Post by X-acto » 10 Sep 2015, 14:49

Hi everyone,

I don't really come here often enough, but here's another video I made for how to upload firmware. I din't do a voice over because the steps are pretty self-explanatory.


Arduino version:
Needs to be 1.0.5
Firmware: ... a-firmware


Re: How to upload firmware

Post by Filipe » 10 Sep 2015, 14:58

Thanks X-acto!

This can be useful :)

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Re: How to upload firmware

Post by dbarciela » 16 Oct 2015, 21:02

How often does BEEVERYCREATIVE plan to update the firmware with the latest marlin releases/bugfixes? Since helloBEEprusa-firmware repository is not a marlin github fork it is quite hard for us users to make the merge by ourselves, unless BEEVERYCREATIVE can kindly give us the commit hash where the marlin code was forked :mrgreen:

I suspect the fork commit is somewhere near the commit e3ca9137b54a908e240679c4546c3e301ad90edf but the code differences are confusing me :oops: marlin didn't support mks at the time!? I would like to test newer releases because autoleveling code had several improvements and I want to implement it in hBp.

I also would suggest to add mac files (files started by "._") to the .gitignore :)

Edit: I investigated further and I found that marlin only integrated mks_base in the 1.1 release that is still a RC. Does BEEVERYCREATIVE have a roadmap to update the firmware to the new version? Are all the RAMBO.h differences only necessary because this mks support didn't exist? I have no problems in merging the code by myself but I accept all the help I can get :P.

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Re: How to upload firmware

Post by Andre_A » 19 Oct 2015, 19:44

we have some plans to update the firmware, as soon we have a stable version of it, we will announce it ;)
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Re: [INFO] How to upload firmware

Post by Filipe » 17 Mar 2016, 10:56

This information is now included on the "User Manual" V7-20160308.

Goncalo Oliveira
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Re: [INFO] How to upload firmware

Post by Goncalo Oliveira » 25 Mar 2016, 01:56

I found a problem on the latest firmware, when you are printing, if you want to change the settings, like temperature of the bed or the nozzle, he goes allways to flow settings. I updated the firmware of my hBp as explained in the user manual.

Can someone help me fixing this?


Re: [INFO] How to upload firmware

Post by Filipe » 27 Mar 2016, 21:57

Hello Goncalo,

Please open a new topic regarding your specific issue, to get a better answer.

Unfortunately, it's out of my experience. But someone will help.

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