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BEESOFT most recent beta versions

Posted: 13 Nov 2015, 09:11
by jorge

The most recent beta versions of BEESOFT can be found here: ... e/BEESOFT/

Changelog for latest version on 13/11/2015:

• Added Pause feature
• Added Shutdown feature
• Added final support for BEETHEFIRST+, BEEME and BEEINSCHOOL printers
• Added support to estimate the print time and filament used even if there is no printer connected, or if there is no filament loaded on the printer
• BEESOFT now attempts to save the calibration and loaded filament before flashing a new firmware

• At BEESOFT startup, there is now a message warning the user that the printer is connecting
• Added new window when BEESOFT starts up that informs the user that a firmware flashing operation is occurring
• Calibration and filament settings are now saved when flashing a new firmware
• USB communication stability has been improved
• Control panel was improved and now shows the duration of the last print
• Filament change operation stability was improved
• Calibration operation stability was improved
• About Pane now warns the user when the bootloader version wasn't possible to obtain
• BEESOFT now recognizes when the printer is in power saving mode
• Only one instance of BEESOFT at a time is allowed to run now

Bug fixes
• 3D viewer is now more responsive on some computers
• About Panel was fixed to show the correct bootloader version
• Models that are located outside the limits of the table are now correctly detected
• Added missing lines to the 3D viewer grid

Re: BEESOFT most recent beta versions

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 09:56
by mariareese
what about the latest version?

Re: BEESOFT most recent beta versions

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 11:17
by tgala
Hi mariareese,
Tha latest betas can be downloaded through the same link: ... e/BEESOFT/
If you're looking for the latest stable version though you can find it on BEEVERYCREATIVE's website, under BEESOFT. Hope that helps :)

Re: BEESOFT most recent beta versions

Posted: 24 Feb 2017, 12:12
by mariareese
Thanku .. :D