[FIXED] X Stepper Driver NOK - EC51

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Re: [FIXED] X Stepper Driver NOK - EC51

Post by appoli » 29 Jul 2020, 22:26

This is very interesting - it seems as though the firmware revisions that BVC made did not fully address the issue of stepper drivers being blown up within a few cm of extrusion. This has happened to me since I first tried using E2 and now with BMG extruders it happens every time on E1 and E2.

So far support has been of ZERO help. I had reiterated that this has happened multiple times with the original hardware and original firmware, but that seems to fall on deaf ears as all the responses I get either have already been tried by myself (and communicated to BVC) or are focused on the BMG settings...
This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Every time I need to solder the pins to a new stepper it takes quite a while (the printer is taking up all the space on my desk. I have paused assembling the enclosure until this is resolved - I would be unable to reprint the printed parts in a high temp filament & who knows if I will even end up keeping it so dimensions may change) - the soldering itself doesn't take too long, but shuffling things around, getting the equipment out, putting it back, setting the printer back up, etc. ends up taking quite a while. Plus the $15 cost of each stepper driver...
The last email I get from support was to reflash the fw and try adding "M92 E415" to the start command of the g-code file. Obviously this would result in the same exact outcome, but I had to do it anyway..

I have thought a bit about using some sort of PTFE lubricant. For the most part I use SuperLube lubricants (most of which have PTFE in them) & have some PTFE only lubricants as well. I thought about spraying some Kano Labs Silicrene (PTFE lubricant spray, but contains much more than SuperLube's drifilm) down the Bowden tubes. However, I was worried that over time the filament passing through the tube would rub it off (it seems as though the ptfe from those sprays comes off fairly easily?) and carry it down to the hotend.
For the time being I'm just using Kano Labs microil as it's an extremely light weight (highly refined) petroleum oil with no additives which is meant for small and high precision uses (eg assembling/cleaning pocket watches), figured this would be the safest bet for now, but it does dry out as you mentioned.
I might give SuperLube extra lightweight oil a try next (hard to determine if there is PTFE in that, but many sources say yes).

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