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Got the printer today - help assembling -

Posted: 29 Nov 2019, 15:51
by finas
Not sure where to put these!

They are not described in the manual! :/
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Re: Got the printer today - help assembling -

Posted: 02 Dec 2019, 16:30
by DomingosRodrigues
Hello finas,

those are honey lemon candies, if not allergic to any of those, you should insert them close to your, or anyone of your choice's, taste buds for a typical Portuguese candy experience :)

Locally they are usually used as a tasty sweet and/or to calm down a sore throat, quite common this cold time of the year.

If you want to be creative you can also melt them in water and make a makeshift glue for better print adhesion :lol: (NOT RECOMMENDED at all)

Best regards

Re: Got the printer today - help assembling -

Posted: 02 Dec 2019, 17:55
by finas
humm... I inserted them on the wrong place! they sure seemed like suppositories!!


While assembling the printer I found quite a few issues with the assembly manual that ended up causing me a bit of frustration. I would suggest giving a look at the list bellow and eventually, if deemed necessary, update the manual.

A) Mismatch between assembly manual and labels on bags:
1- page 10, 11, 12, 13, and all other pages where referenced: DIN6789J M4 but bag label is DIN6798J M4
2- page 20, and all other pages where referenced: DIN6789J M5 but bag label is DIN6798J M5
3- page 20, Flat belt pulley but bag label is Free pulley
4- page 20, 33, GT2 20 thooth but bag label s pulley
5- page 26, build platform spring but bag label is bed spring
6- page 48, PTFE coupler but bag label is Raccord PC...

B) Incorrect assembly view:
1- page 43, first image with full printer is turned on it's back but view port cube says front

c) Badly assembled part. This one is important as it made me lose more than one hour and disassemble the part two times before I understood that the manual was not correct:
1- right side of z axis arm is not properly depicted on several images while it is properly depicted on others. Some pages with errors are: 34, 36, 37, 39, 40.

D) Wire labling: The two extruder heaters have two wires each, both red in color, but the PCB connection has + and -. You wonder if it doesn't matter where you connect each one of them. I guess it doesn't matter, but I haven't turned on the printer yet to find out.

Suggestions for improvement:
1) I mounted the side frames wrong. I only noticed this when trying to screw the power supply and noticed that the holes didn't align. Luckily I was still able to mount both the power supply and the motherboard without having to tear down everything and correcting the error. I went back to the side frame assembly page and it is noted that the sides are not equal, but the "difference" sign didn't catch my attention.
1.1) change the design of the side frames so that they are equal. This would simplify assembly. Or:
1.2 ) Instead of just using a "difference sign" actually write that on the manual explicitly.

2) When measuring the spacing of the pulleys and other stuff, like asked on page 19 and 20, a metal tool to actually do the right spacing without resorting to a ruler would be perfect. My suggestion is to add this tool to the package.

3) Improve the printed parts quality. The ones I got are horribly printed. In fact, one of the parts even broke when screwing it down ( the top extruder mount ).It doesn't make it look good when you are assembling a printer and you think that maybe those parts were printed by the same printer model.

4) the plastic sleeve for the extruder cabling looks like cheap-electrical-hard-plastic-sleeve. Because it is!! Its thick, hard, very little flexible, ugly and looks cheap. I used a rubber spring sleeve that I had lying around and it makes the printer look much much better. will post some photos later. And I bet it's cheaper than the one supplied.

5) the bigger plastic ties are useless as the small ones are big enough for everything. But there are not enough overall. I had to buy more.

6) include some rubber feet to put on the printer. I scratched my build table assembling the printer because of the fine metal shards that remained from releasing the frames from the holders.

Re: Got the printer today - help assembling -

Posted: 02 Dec 2019, 18:31
by finas
I bite the bullet and turned on the printer and it asks for serial number that is in sticker next to extruder E1. There is no sticker next to the extruder E1, so I figured it is next to extruder E0. I double checked the assembly manual, and indeed E0 is the one on the left side, next to the sticker, so better fix that in the firmware firmware release too. It can't be next to E1 because on that side the letters B2X300 are cut into the frame and so no space for the sticker there.

Anyway I insert the serial number that is on the sticker, starts with 1212, and the firmware says it is invalid. I am stuck. :/

I need help.

Re: Got the printer today - help assembling -

Posted: 02 Dec 2019, 19:57
by finas
Made a video of the issue. How frustrating.Got an open source printer and it feels like I bought DRM infused garbage.

Also, for some reason the printer lights up like a Christmas tree when moving the axel's with my hand. How nice, just in time for Christmas. ... 5omSa?dl=0

Re: Got the printer today - help assembling -

Posted: 03 Dec 2019, 15:56
by finas
updating firmware to today's release fixed the serial number issue.