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Nozzle Details

Posted: 09 Aug 2019, 00:42
by HansMeiser
Where can I find the details to the nozzle, i would like to already get some spare parts while my b2x300 is on it’s way.
Which nozzles can I use :?:

Re: Nozzle Details

Posted: 09 Aug 2019, 14:53
by DomingosRodrigues
Hello HansMeiser,

The default nozzle for the B2X300 is the MK8 nozzle that can be found on various online shops, or can be acquired through us if you contact, I would recmmend agains buying the cheapest ones available from china as those usually reduce the print quality and increase the likeliness of a extruder jam.

You can try using other nozzles formats, the thread size is the same as E3D, olson ruby etc, but the length might cause the nozzle to be at a different height than the second nozzle which isn't recommended.

Best regards
Domingos Rodrigues

Re: Nozzle Details

Posted: 10 Aug 2019, 11:45
by HansMeiser
Thanks for the quick reply.
I would always use two nozzles of the same dimensions/type to prevent the height issue,
if this is what you are referring to?