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Firmware Release: B2X300-20190123

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Firmware Release: B2X300-20190123

Post by tiagofgs » 23 Jan 2019, 17:43

Hi everyone,
There is a new stable release of the firmware for your B2X300, please upgrade to get the latest features and bug fixes.
We recommend you use the B2X300 Firmware Update tool which you can download here: ... re_Updater alternatively, you can flash your 3D printer using the Arduino IDE, check out how to do it here: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1274

- Change filament reworked
- Corrected PID to match latest bed and current settings
- G29 now only homes XY if unhomed
- Bed PID autotune fix - No printer halted error
- Cleaned unecessary parameters and functions
- Improvements to menus and screens
- Menu items now aligns to the left by default
- Reduced XY probing speed and increased probing clearance between repeats
- M918 A improvements (Sensorless homing autocalibration)
- Improved current save and restore for G28,G29,M918
- Improved Self-test wizard Trinamic tests
- Faster bed leveling feature
- Offset XY test and prime line gcode
- Defined max bed temperature to 130ºC to be consistent with datasheet
- G28 Z now probes with the probe centered on the bed
- Disabled leveling fade height as it affected leveling performance
- Implemented live nozzle height shortcut
- Bugfix - corrected G28 Y loop on frame collision

- Change filament is now more reactive, has more visual feedback and uses less unnecessary movements
- Faster auto bed leveling
- Improved bed leveling repeatability and precision
- Live nozzle height is now easily accessible by long pressing the lcd button on the status screen

Thanks to our clients for the feedback that allowed the new features to be implemented.

If you have suggestions or happen to find a bug on this firmware version, please comment below so we can start to work on it right away.
Happy printing! :D
Research and Development Team

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Re: Firmware Release: B2X300-20190123

Post by Mic_Hazelburn » 28 Jan 2019, 12:10


the update was a run through to the printer, very easy.
But after the reset, the selftest was a bit complicated in one point. The second extruder was tested and after some seconds the Error ST22 appears.

I checked it 3 times - all cables were good (the printer itselfs runs hours after hours so why now some issues?). Reset and redone....nothing. So I decided to deassembly the extruder Fan. After a rework, the printer test runs through all parts without trouble.

I don't think I changed something and the cables, as said, where all at the same point. So now all is running fine now but that point was a bit confusing :lol:

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Re: Firmware Release: B2X300-20190123

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 28 Jan 2019, 12:52

Hello Michael,

the ST22 error means that either themistors or heating elements for E1 and E2 are switched arround (it's explained in the user manual on the error codes page), the error can also occur if both extruders are still hot prior to starting the wizard, just to be safe ensure the thermistors are still inside the small hole they are supposed to sit in :)

Best regards

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Re: Firmware Release: B2X300-20190123

Post by Richard » 27 Feb 2019, 11:29

Hi Guys,

We have just updated our firmware via the Cura link and we are also getting error EC51 on E2 stepper. I have switched the cables for the 2 extruders to test each one and the error code is the same. Can you offer some support for this?

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Re: Firmware Release: B2X300-20190123

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 27 Feb 2019, 14:04

Hello Richard,

Check the message customer support will send you, it will have some tests for you to execute. That will verify if there isn't a incorrect connection from the motherboard to the stepper driver controlling E2 ( stepper drivers are the small white chips connected with a board below the air channel on the motherboard). The process will ask you to remove the air channel, remove the connection board between all 5 stepper drivers and check if each of the 4 pins on the top of every stepper driver is correctly connected to the connection board.
If I understood correctly you only exchanged the motor connectors from E1 to E2 but as the EC51 error is caused by a unexpected connection response to the stepper drivers that won't solve the issue like you mentioned.

The new firmware has more robust checks on all stepper drivers so the printer could have passed the test on a earlier version of the firmware and now report that error.

Best regards

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