B2X300 - Product Video

This new DIY 3D printer kit is a result of a vast market research and hours of development and engineering. It is an open source project, which means this is a versatile product that you can build upon and make it your own.
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B2X300 - Product Video

Post by smoreira » 28 Sep 2018, 12:43

Hi guys,

This is our latest product the B2X300. :)

It's a DIY 3D printer with an emphasis on the assembly experience with a lot of cool features like:
- Dual Extrusion;
- Print volume 300x200x300;
- Silent Trinamic Stepper Drivers (TMC2130) with 256 microstepping;
- Power Loss Detection and Recovery;
- Filament End detection;
- Modular Motherboard;
- Print Resolution 50 – 300 microns;
- Auto bed levelling;
- Optimized heated bed;
- Sensorless homing;
- Wide range of materials;
- Easy offset calibration;
- Full Metal Frame.

You can visit the B2X300 website at: www.b2x300.com
Order one at: https://shop.beeverycreative.com/product/b2x300/

We have been away for a long time without launching new products because we have been developing a 3D printer for the European Space Agency (see more info http://beeverycreative.space). We're now ready to start delivering cool product to the market again. :)
We have more than 2 years selling our helloBEEprusa DIY kit, and in late 2017 we entered a new product development cycle for this same segment. We conducted some studies to support the development of the B2X300, such as:
• Collecting quantitative and qualitative information data on helloBEEprusa’s user feedback with Customer Service. The idea was to gather information on doubts, problems and quality control issues;
• Benchmark of multiple companies in this sector, analysing what the best competitor products were and what impact they could have on the product development process and, as a result, on the launch of this new product;
• Market research with the help of a survey where hundreds of people from the maker segment gave very helpful feedback about their user patterns, what they value and other valuable inputs for future product development.
After many many hours of Product Development, in April 2018, we delivered the B2X300 to Beta Testers to be tested, evaluated and to be able to receive feedback for final adjustments to the product prior to launch. We’re now ready to deliver the B2X300. If you have some inputs please feel free to contact us to customer_service@beeverycreative.com

We hope you like as much as we do! ;)



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