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Easy fix for warping & other goodies

Posted: 09 Jul 2016, 17:33
by hugoslv
Hi everyone,

Just thought you'd be interested in learning about a useful mod I've recently done to my BEE The First +... long story short, with the standard masking tape on acrylic bed solution almost all of the larger parts were coming out warped.

Tried masking tape alone (applied in different directions), 3DLAC on masking tape, etc. After some fiddling around I experimented with 3DLAC on a glass surface and now every part comes out perfect on the first try.

The guys at BEE Very Creative were kind enough to sell me a few magnets. I've now replaced the standard bed by a mirror cut to size with the magnets glued on to them.

This not only solved the warping issue, but its also useful when loading the filament to see how far ahead it is on the feeder and the parts come out with a cool glossy finish on the face that is directly in contact with the mirror.

For a picture of the final result see ... 1350788155. The 3DLAC I'm using is this

To correctly attach the magnets to the bed I placed them on the holder pads, applied a bit of super glue on top and placed the mirror above.

In order to place the mirror in a position as close as possible to that of the original bed I aligned the bed with the face of the printer first, measured the distance between the left edge and the body and placed the mirror as per these references.

Best regards,
Hugo Silva

Re: Easy fix for warping & other goodies

Posted: 12 Jul 2016, 08:25
by cropduster
Hi Hugo,

what do you print? PLA?

I mostly have trouble getting t-Glase to stick, all others seem to be good. Even Nylon 230 sticks well on blue tape with no other stuff.

I wanted to try a wooden plate (MDF) to try with Nylon 618.



Re: Easy fix for warping & other goodies

Posted: 15 Dec 2016, 12:22
by Ricaxe
I am using the original with only 3Dlac and works just fine! Make sure that your bed is level ;D