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Changes and SPAM

Posted: 04 Jan 2017, 21:40
by smoreira

I hope everything is okay with you guys and I hope you all have an amazing 2017! :)
We have some new improvements to implement in this new year that has just began and we would like to share them with you.
First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone for the feedback we have been getting recently from some community members, like Mic_Hazelburn fo e.g.. Recently we have made some changes which had some impact in the way the forum works. It is also a fact that, since then, we haven’t done a great job managing those changes but with your help, we will improve. We are still a relatively small company, with a lot of work and with a lot of areas that need improvement.
We want to work together with our community members towards improving our forum because sharing experiences, news and customer feedback is important and is the reason we started this forum in the first place.
Since the spam issues have been more and more frequent and we haven’t been able to keep up with or even monitor the information shared by members, some changes became an urgent matter.
I can now inform you that we have made some decisions this week and taken some measures regarding this matter in hopes that these issues are solved. We thank you for all your support and feedback and invite you to keep sharing your improvements and suggestions.
We apologize for this rocky period.

You can contact me directly, if you need to.


Sergio Moreira
CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

P.S. - We are updating some outdated info in the coming days. :)

Re: Changes and SPAM

Posted: 05 Jan 2017, 08:50
by Mic_Hazelburn
Thank you Sergio,

I think this is a very good sign for the new year!

The spam was very massive and there were days when I thought it would not get any better. But I find it very good that you care more about it now.
I think if there are more members active, it should be a round thing!

Since, I had the idea that you possibly wrote an email to all like "We are still there, but you are missing!".
I think that could increase the visitor numbers.

Re: Changes and SPAM

Posted: 26 May 2017, 10:26
by Mic_Hazelburn
So Sergio,

long time nothing new to read - what is going on?

Any news, any new changes or things you can tell us all?

Cheers! :mrgreen:

Re: Changes and SPAM

Posted: 07 Jun 2017, 17:17
by smoreira
Hi Mic_Hazelburn,

I hope everything is fine with you.
News from us... hum...let's see... we're currently testing some upgrades for helloBEEprusa (we'll post some of them here ;) ), preparing a new firmware release for helloBEEprusa, updating helloBEEprusa Manuals, testing printing profiles for various slicing programs, preparing some new products developments, working on a new BEESOFT release and working on the 3D printer for European Space Agency. We posted some info about this last one last week on our Social Media... You can check it here:
We'll try to keep you all posted! :)



... and I'll probably create a new thread/topic with the news above lol :)