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Printing with PETG

Posted: 11 Mar 2019, 14:58
by Alxleitao
Hi Guys,

Anybody using PETG? Just bought a spool and I'm going to use it for some specific things.

Any issues printing it on a B2X300?

And any tips or tricks? I heard I can't (and shouldn't) print directly on the glass bed so... Blue painter's tape?

Re: Printing with PETG

Posted: 12 Mar 2019, 19:12
by DomingosRodrigues
Hi Alxleitão,

I have used arround 300g of transparent PETG and arround 200g white PETG on the B2X300, with no problem, I used the default provided profile available here:

Just ensure the printing temperature, hotend and bed is correct for you specific filament, the defalt values should work on most brands.

Also you might need to slightly increase the retraction distance from 4.5 to around 5.5 depending on the PETG brand to avoid minor stringing ( that can easily be cleaned with a box cutter.

Also ensure as with PLA that you have the filament oiler installed and correctly lubricated.

As for the print surface, use painter's tape, or buildtak. If you use some glue like elmers glue or any PVA based glue you can print directly on glass. Don't print straight onto the glass even if it has some hairspray as it is very likely that the print will rip a chunk of glass from the bed when cooling down.

Best regards

Printing with PETG

Posted: 13 Oct 2019, 19:06
by EmileGeoks
I was having bed adhesion issues with a recent large-ish PETg print with my PVA gluestick, so tried gluestick ABS juice out of desperation.

Turns out it works really well.

I still havent tried my PEI sheet, so dont know how it works with PETg.

Re: Printing with PETG

Posted: 14 Oct 2019, 10:46
by DomingosRodrigues
Hello Emile,

I regularly use PEI to print with PETG, you just need to clean it with isopropyl alcohol and print it a little too loose as it tends to overbite onto the PEI leading to damage to the PEI. Note that this varies a lot from one PETG brand to the other, I had some that almost seemed like PLA in regards to adhesion (usually colored ones), and some that have a evil grip on the PEI (trasnparent PETG) so I recommend starting a little further away and making a test cube to measure the adhesion.

Best regards